Monday, December 17, 2012

Stimtastic Xmas

This past week has been wonderful! I've had my hubby home for his allocated Xmas holiday. We have finished off the Xmas shop. Plus 2 school concerts. 
There hasn't really been a downside. Of course there have been tears and tantrums.........mostly because the hubby doesn't want to go back to work! ha ha.

The thing that has stood out the most is the stimming........phew, I've been exhausted just watching and listening to it! 

Little A has run back and forth, bounced up and down and hidden under blankets more than ever. This is the first year he's been fully involved in the whole 'Xmas at school' thing. He spent most of Sunday hidden in his bedroom with Madagascar 2 on replay and his Ben 10 toys. This is behaviour we haven't seen in a while, he's been coping so well. However, we do know that when it presents itself, its better to leave him be. Not doing so can result in the mother of all meltdowns. The unfortunate thing is that we had been invited to 2 birthday party's, both of which would have been autism friendly, neither of which we were able to attend.

R has been talking our ears off! And sensitive.......ugh. We cannot joke, comment or do anything that contradicts what he wants to do/say. Today, thankfully, he went with my mum to do his Xmas shopping. She does it every year, it gives him a chance to pick what he wants to get us, with his own money (that she has slipped in his moneybox over the preceding weeks). I was thoroughly glad of it today, every word said to him was resulting in him being close to tears. It's common with R, he takes everything so literally that the slightest joke can cause uproar and meltdowns. So today I was glad he was getting 1- 2 -1 attention, from one of the people that knows him best.

I have been quite cruel in amongst all this, and used Xmas presents as a bargaining tool! I have told the eldest, KJ, that if he doesn't brush his teeth every day (I know, how cruel am I?) I will take a present a day and keep it for myself. He's quite mortified, as my hubby can now fit into a lot of his clothes! Ha ha 

So as the countdown continues, we at Ojo's world are preparing run ways for little A. Places he can run back and forth uninterrupted. Getting earplugs for ourselves, for RJ (not really........honest!!). Although, I know when the excitement of the day truly hits, they will gather the toy that most captures them...........and disappear into their own worlds.

As long as they are happy, who am I to stop them?

So, me and the hubby are looking forward to a stimtastic Xmas!! Hope you are too!!


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