Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rip off santa

Ok, so this is one of my little bug bears, therefore a bit of a ranty one. 

I won't apologise because it really winds me up! 

So, I have 3 children right? We know this. 
If you've been paying attention you will also know that 2 of them have slightly different needs.

Now imagine taking my youngest child shopping. As I've previously explained, he doesn't do well in supermarkets anyway. They are too bright and stimulating. In fact they are just too everything!!

So shopping=difficult. You get that. We have ways of coping so we can get it done, he doesn't take 'no' too well, but we can normally direct him towards a one or two pound toy. 

Now add to that a few more shoppers......Again we dealt with it.

Now add a Santa....great!!

Little A has coped with the season in his on little way so far, even having breakfast with Santa in school. So hubby strolls over to see what it's about. 

This is where I get really annoyed.......are you ready?

It would cost £2 to see him
Another £2 if he was to give your child a gift.
Then more again if you actually wanted to have a picture taken with him.
Am I the only one that finds this absolutely fricking ridiculous!?

Now you tell me how I'm supposed to explain to my 5 year old ASD son why he can't go see him? 
Luckily for us there was a £3 transformer toy that he really wanted, so we got that, and any possible meltdown was averted.

But my point is......Who took he fun out of it? I mean this was a supermarket! They couldn't of found one of the staff to dress up? They don't have to give any of the children gifts, just someone for them to tell their  Xmas wish to. 

Why does it have to be another money making tool? It seems that more and more places are setting up these little 'Grottos' but no other festive things, just the odd bit of tinsel here and there. Everywhere we read about how Xmas is becoming too commercial, well not in my house! I love spending time with my loved ones! 

Using children and Santa for financial gain disgusts me. Come on shops and centres, remember what Xmas is supposed to be for!

(Would just like to add, I love Xmas. Just not rip off Santas xx) 


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