Friday, December 14, 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

It feels right that I'm doing this post. My last post was a bit of an unloading one, trying to find the parts of my past that effect me the most, ready to leave them behind as I approach 40.

So with that in mind, I shall get on with my reasons....

1. A roof over my head. This time of year this always come to the front of my mind. It's cold and wet outside, most of us don't want to be out in it longer than is absolutely necessary. We go about our business, rush home, change into our clean pyjamas and cuddle up under warm fluffy blankets. We do this without a second thought. Next time you are rushing about, think about the Big Issue seller you've just rushed past, the one you barely acknowledged. Where will he go tonight? Not everyone that is homeless is a drug addict or alcoholic. Sometimes circumstance puts you in a place that you can't/don't know how to get out of. So I'm grateful for the roof over my head, the dry place to go when it pouring down outside. 

2. School nativities. Oh its been an emotional week in Ojo's World!! My middle boy, RJ, had a carol concert. They held it in the local church with a male voice choir as special guests. RJ had stood up in assembly a few weeks ago to 'audition' for one of the solo singing parts. His teacher told him he had been hiding his talents. I knew he had a lovely little singing voice, but I never thought he'd have the bottle to sing in front of lots of adults, and there were LOTS. The church was packed, but my little RJ got up there and did his bit, and was magnificent! I had tears running down my face. Such a proud mammy moment! x

my little king! x

When it started to get a bit much x
Then it was little A's turn. He's come such a long way in the last 12 months. I know a lot of this is me pushing him, I know what he's capable of. Yes he has autism, but he can learn how to adjust to certain situations. He just takes a little longer to understand what is acceptable, and others have to accept that he can't deal with some situations. Besides all this he managed to play the part of a king, only hiding a little, and he played it perfectly. Apparently he'd even brought the headmistress to tears in the morning, asking if she was proud of him! We made sure big brother K could have time off school too, so he could see his little brother, and he was close to tears too! x

3. Brit Mums Live and Twitter and Blogging community. Yes you lot really have been one of my reasons to be cheerful this week! I've signed up to go to the live conference and opened my heart to the community. Not many people know all about how I became who I am. To put it out there and have the huge amount of support I received afterwards........I can' t put into words what it meant to me. Thank you, genuinely from the bottom of my heart xx



  1. It does make you think how blessed we are x your son look amazing so cute ... I bet your so proud x fab reasons :)

  2. A HUGE well done to your little boy! I know our son struggles so much with that sort of thing (although he did hold it together this evening at his Boys brigade party - but i had to stay just in case). It is so great when they can manage to join in and can manage at their own pace in their own way. x

    1. Its the 1st year he's got properly involved and for that I have to thank his amazing school. Like me, they know his limitations, but also what he's capable of.
      Well done to your boy too! x

  3. aww bless him, he looks cute in his king costume, you are right, we are so lucky to have a roof over our heads xx

  4. I know how easy it is to slip through the cracks, its one thing I'm forever grateful for xx
    And thank you! He does look cute but didn't want a smiley pic taken lol x

  5. Lovely reasons :)
    I'm with you on the roof over our heads part, in fact that was one of my reasons last week. This time last year we almost lost our home and it makes me realise just how lucky I am.
    Bless your boys, they both did brilliantly and I can tell from your post just how proud you are of them. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Thank you! I'm very glad that it is one of your reasons, the alternative is frightening, isn't it?
      I was very proud, they suprise me every day x


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