Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Children

A lot of our minds are turning to our children this weekend, especially if you have a child age 6-11. The shooting incident in Connecticut has left us all a little hollow. The shooting of anybody is awful, but such little innocents is beyond my comprehension.

I am a mother of children in this age group, 2 of mine fall into it. I wanted to give my children the extra cuddles this weekend, mine don't cuddle though, so just having them around has been important. I do not want to talk about the man that did this, he is of no importance to me. 
The lives of the children left behind, that's important. 
The people from the emergency services that had to walk into that carnage, they are important. 
The teachers and staff that did what they could are important.

My thoughts go to the family left behind. How do you deal with this? I have never suffered the loss of a child. I have lost babies in the womb, but never a living, breathing child that I've held in my arms. I simply cannot imagine what that feels like, or how you move on from it.

I hope that the USA realises that their gun laws are outdated. That it is time to make changes.

I have 3 beautiful boys, and I thank God everyday that they are safe. I know it is possible that this can happen in the UK, it has happened. 

So as we come closer to Xmas, and being surrounded by our families, lets light a candle, say a prayer. Do whatever keeps those children in our heart.........
and their families on our minds 


A link to a list of victims

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