Saturday, December 01, 2012

Not a sat cap day.....

So today is usually Saturday caption day, but I haven't done one in a while. I never really got many comments.

I don't think I'm interesting enough......

It's not that I'm boring, at least I bloody hope not! It's just that I don't take funny pictures or........well I don't know why!?

Anyway, I shall join in if I get any funny pics, and I'll still look and comment on others, cos I like to k??

Back to normal service now.....

Yesterday we went to 'happiness' afternoon with hubby in little As reception class! What a lovely half hour and a great idea of the teachers!
The idea was, part of the foundation classes curriculum is to understand what makes us happy. What we do, eat and play to make us and others happy. The children had done giant booklets about themselves and had spent the day before the parents visit making healthy snacks and smoothies.

We were invited to join the children at 2.30, where they sang us the happy and you know it song and the lessons were explained to us. Then the children were given their booklets to bring to us, while we tried the healthy snacks! 

Of course, by the time little A had got to us, the class had filled with big people, becoming a little overwhelming. So he wanted to leave! I did get to test chocolate and banana smoothie first though! 

Looking at his book was wonderful, the first thing that made him happy was his biggest bro, K! How cute is that! He seemed to really understand the idea of happiness, which for my little ASD lad is a great step.

We also had a visit from Action for Children yesterday, about R. She actually seemed to understand my issues, that lately he can reduce me to tears a few times a week. She is going to spend some time with us individually, which is an amazing step forward. I understand that he needs someone to listen too.

So last night,after a fulfilling happy day, all but my biggest had gone to bed. Operation trim up began!........

.not by me, I fell asleep on the settee haha.


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