Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas questions

I have been tagged by the lovely miss cisco to answer some Xmas questions. Now I absolutely love Xmas, especially since having my own children. 

So here goes....
What is your favourite thing about Xmas?
It has to be the actual day, the whole thing. We wake up in the morning and open the stockings on our bed, then its downstairs for the children to open the rest, me and the hubby open any little gifts we have, and usually have our breakfast of turkey legs (yes, really!). Then the day is just filled with toys and games and films and food........I love it!! Usually there are family members dropping by, but we never leave the house. I'm a firm believer in children staying where their toys are, I do the visiting Xmas Eve.

Whats your favourite make up look for the season?

Pahahaha!!! Any one who knows me may also find this amusing, I do love make up, but very rarely get to put any on! With all 3 boys shouting for me during the Xmas holidays, there will be very little chance to put any on. If  I do, it will be black eye liner and mascara with a nice dark lipstick.

Real or Fake tree?

I do love a real tree, I think they look beautiful. Unfortunately with children and pets, fake is easiest to clean up after. Although, if there is spare cash available I do put a real one in my front yard. Here is this years, decorated by my soon to be 15 year old..........

Giving or receiving presents?

Ooh, I genuinely have to think about this! I really do love seeing my kids faces when they open their presents, especially when I've got it right! But I do love getting surprises, not big gifts, just little things that are spot on. Honestly though I have to say giving, there is nothing that compares to my boys faces Xmas morning. xx

What is your favourite Xmas film?

Too easy! Christmas Carol, every time. I remember when me and the hubby were living in our first little bed sit. The only Xmas Carol film was playing at 5a.m. on Christmas day. We had no children then, but still woke up and watched it, cuddled up on our bed settee. I have to watch one every year x

What's your favourite Xmas food?

I'm actually not a big fan of  Xmas food, I  don't like mixed or dried fruit, which kind of rules out all the traditional deserts. I used to love the chocolates, but having diabetes means those chocolates now make me unwell and spoil my Xmas. I guess my favourite thing, which is a tradition in our house is the Xmas day supper. Left over Turkey, left over stuffing, cheeses and crackers. The children are busy doing whatever they want, a film is playing in the background and I get the first cuddles of the day with my hubby. It may be as much to do with the atmosphere as the food.

So there's my answers, now for the tagging, I would like to hear from.......

What makes your Xmas??


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