Tuesday, December 04, 2012


So today I have finally got around to writing my 100th post. It's taken me a while to write, because I didn't know what to write!!

Should it be funny, serious, about me........or my kids........I don't know!?!?
I thought I'd see if anyone could think of questions I'd answer, but I only got 3...........big old billy no mates.

So, my 3 questions were:
What does turning 40 mean to you?
What do you want to do before you are 40?
What would you have done if you'd won the money up the Cross Oaks?

Ok well, the money, for those that don't know, the Cross oaks do a local pub quiz. After said pub quiz you play a game of 'play your cards right'. Last week me and the Hubs went for an eve, the kitty was at £800!! If I'd won it........lets be honest, I'd have put it in the bank and spent it on the kids!! like I always do lol.
The other 2 questions are kind of related. I mostly answered the one part here, but I'm really unsure of what to do before turning 40, I don't feel like any of it is within reach. So I guess my only goal is to shift weight. It doesn't even mean a great deal to me. I remember my 30, I woke in the morning and bawled my eyes out!! I guess it means acceptance, I'm finally starting to accept who I am. 

I'm not brave, or particularly smart, anything I'm really good at I can't repeat in public! I love my kids, they drive me mad, I love my husband....who also drives me mad. I like to knit. I wish I knew how to spend 'me' time. Thats me......I accept it. Others may think I'm old fashioned, but I have a 'happy' place. Some people don't even have that.

A fellow twitter and blogger who I regularly read sent me a link to hers to see questions she was asked, pressiesbypebbles, reasons why I blog, seemed appropriate as a 100 question.

I blog because I'm lonely and insecure. There I said it! I don't get out much, it can be quite difficult with my 3, and a hubby that works silly hours. I don't have anyone to talk to some days, so I use my blog......basically talking to myself! I am also incredibaly insecure, I doubt every single thing I do, never thinking anything is good enough. If you know me I seem like I'm brimming with confidence, but I'm really not. I don't need mollycoddling or sympathy, I've kind of got used to who I am now.

Do I care what people think of my blog. Yes!!! Again, being truly honest! This blog is me, my heart, all laid bare for people to see. Why do it in public? because as I said, I am very insecure and somehow, knowing that people want to read this makes it better.

So what else do you want to know for my '100' blog? 
My favourite band?..........growing up it was Bon Jovi, now, its very ecclectic, my Ipod ranges from Lady Gaga to the Eagles!

Fave Karaoke?................This is different from above, always Allanah Myles, Black Velvet. Love it.

Fave food?......................Chinese, topped with more chinese!! haha

Fave drink?.....................Vodka, but I hardly have time to drink these days, so Coffee.

I don't really know what else to tell you, except that........
Phew, kinda big for me to admit this.....

I love to sing! For my 100th I was going to post a video on Youtube of me singing, just to push myself.....you know???
 No you probably don't. But no one has ever heard me sing, sober!

You may have noticed that I chickened out, plus I don't know how to do it! haha. Those bloody insecurities again!!

If you want to ask me anything, or you have a meme you'd like to tag me in (pebbles) then leave a comment. I do love a comment......

me at a photoshoot last year x


  1. Yes! Blogging keeps me company too! Actually we are quite similar - even our 40th birthdays are close together! Looking forward to meeting you at britmums next year! :)

    1. I'm actually going to get quite star struck I think!! So nervous, but excited x


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