Monday, November 05, 2012

Listen, Believe, Love

britmums has started a campaign against child abuse. The mere thought of anybody abusing a child in any way turns my stomach. This is why I will be proudly displaying the badge on the top of my page.

It also got me thinking, what do we see as child abuse? How far does a smack go before it becomes more? The other side of child abuse..the one I can't even talk about because I can't understand it at all?
I can probably count on one hand the amount of times on one hand I have actually smacked my children, that includes tapping their hands as toddlers if they touch something they shouldn't. I will say right now, any other time I have smacked them, it would be my loss of control. There is no reason to hit a child, NONE.

I come from the type of background where good behaviour was rewarded, and I think that you parent the way you were brought up. That's not saying I don't yell. Or tell off loudly. Or occasionally slam doors. But I don't call my children names or belittle them. My children know when they have gone too far, by a look or worse, silence! We all have off days, and sometimes we all have temper tantrums.

The difference is I know when to stop.

My youngest, little A, did something last night. I can't even remember what! But when he did it, me and my hubby told him 'well done'. He looked at my hubby and said 'You proud of me?'. He's heard it quite a few times and now knows that when he does something well, we are proud of him. My children like to spend time with me, like I did with my parents. Still do.

So if you think a child is in danger, or being abused call someone! Tell someone. 

If I child was to come to you saying they were victims of abuse, would you believe them. Isn't it better to believe and be proved wrong, than the other way around? 

We all have a part to play, whether you have children or not. We were all SOMEONES child once. I was lucky I was loved.........



  1. You were indeed lucky to be loved.
    Thanks for carrying the badge.

    1. And I appreciate it every day, my pleasure x

  2. i have followed you on twitter now on here, i too have supported this cause and have posted the badge with pride x

    1. Thank you for the follows :-) and its a brilliant cause x


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