Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Is it worth it?

My hubby is having a hell of a time lately, all work related. It's got us wondering if its all worth the effort??
Things haven't been easy lately, we have a mortgage and, like most people these days, we have debts.  Lately, however, my health hasn't been great, my diabetes isn't awful, neither are the other things I take meds for. Physically though.....ugh...

I've shared my lovely ankle injury from a few yrs ago here. My ankle has not been right since. This has put a strain on other parts of my body and I'm now in pain most days, from my lower back, hips and knees. This is not ideal with our youngest being on the spectrum. I can't run after him in the street if he bolts, I can't pick him up if he's struggling with a situation and I struggle to hold him if he has a meltdown.

I need my husband to help me.

The past 2 weeks my husband has been afternoons at work, he's a bus driver. In our local area that's not too bad. He gets the odd drunk, but they are normally fairly happy. There's one area they've been going to though, its not a rough area, but has nightmare kids hanging around after dark. 

He has had a missile of some sort or another thrown at his bus on a nightly basis! Bricks, footballs, stones...if it can be thrown, it has been. He's had his bus surrounded and mirrors knocked. Now my hubby is not the type to back down or 'wimp' out. But common sense has kept him safe, so far. The second time things were thrown, they managed to put the window through on the bus, luckily there were no passengers and my hubby wasn't injured. On this instance he called his boss, who told him not to bother the police, change his bus and finish off the last of his shift!!!! No 'how are you?', 'are you feeling ok?' Nope, just get on with it!

Last night he came home shaking, he had stuff thrown at the bus again, twice. He called his boss again......and got no reply!! He tried the out of hours number they answer! So this time the police were called.

Today he has to do the same shift again, I could see his stress levels rising as the shift got closer, and mine aren't great either. At no point will anyone he works for ask if he's ok. Even the police called me today, they wanted to check on him, as he was so shook up by the situation!!

The police call but his own boss doesn't give a shit!!

This is on top of other stuff in work lately, trying to change rest days and shifts at short notice, which he won't accept! We have children with extra needs, we have appointments that he wants to be a part of, he's a good dad.

Tomorrow I have to go to the doctors to find out what is wrong with me, why I've been in pain for months, why I'm struggling to walk. 

If its something that's going to be long term, that I'm going to struggle, maybe he should stay home and help me out?

We've always worked and paid our way, up until I had my youngest. Then I had to give up. 

So why shouldn't I have some of the benefits my tax has paid for?? Why should my hubby go to work in fear everyday?

The moral high ground isn't a great place to live right now, If I'm honest....


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