Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I want my Mam!

I know I'm too old to be saying that really, but I don't care!!
One of those day ya know!

I have PMT from hell, and I have had 2 days of workmen messing my house up! Grrr

Now I have to clean up the bathroom, my OH is off work today, so took me out for the morning to do a bit of shopping while they finish.

That was great, but my back was starting to play up, my mum would of known I needed a cuppa, she wouldn't of asked, she would've known.

Now the bathroom needs cleaning, my OH is off with the mop to do it, the dirty mop that has been leaning against the wall. It needs a good soak first. My mum would of known that.....

When the first tears started to fall, because I had to clean the stupid, stinky toilet, that none of the stupid, stinky men in this house will clean. My mum would've swapped places with me and cleaned it, she would've known.

Then when it was all done, she would've made me a HOT cuppa and sorted the kids out, not walked around like a sulky teenager while the kids sound like they're destroying my house.

Why? because she would've KNOWN.

Did I mention I had PMT....


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