Tuesday, November 27, 2012

House transformation

I know what you're thinking! 60 minute makeover!...........no such luck, unfortunately.

Nope, my house is, today, going through the next phase of transformation to help with little A.

My house is forever being changed to suit my ever changing family, as they grow their needs change, like every child. But, as mine get bigger, safety becomes a big issue. RJ has previously walked in his sleep, not recently thankfully. If little A gets outside and the gate isn't properly closed he could wander, one of my biggest fears.

The first part of this current series of changes was my main gate....
Not attractive, I know! It kind of looks like a prison gate! But it wasn't easy to figure out what we could put in place, it needed to shut and lock automatically and, most importantly, little A couldn't be able to reach any of it. So we ended up with the 'prison gate', but as you can imagine I'm so relieved to be able to let him play in the garden, without a major panic attack if I can't see him for a second! 

Today is the second part, this one more about the practical side of things. Little A won't bath, has always had difficulty with it. We can get him in there about once a week, but usually with a lot of distraction and persuasion, and usually with big A or RJ in with him. As you can imagine, RJ being almost 10, doesn't really like sharing his bath. And with little A about to turn 5, well there's not a lot of room for him to share a bath with anyone, let alone a 6'2" daddy!! 

So with this in mind, the lovely OT people have arranged to have an electric shower put in. My house is a bomb site!!

 But on the upside, maybe we can all have a shower tonight.....

Judging by the state of everywhere at the moment, I'm not going to hold my breathe though!!


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