Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Days!

Yesterday was a very good day in Ojos world! We had our Team Around the Family meeting in the morning, at little As school. Let me explain, this meeting is a way of connecting all the people involved in his welfare and education, we get together in one room to discuss the ways forward and what we are trying to achieve with little A. 

One thing I have discovered, the only downside in fact, is that once your child is in school it is a bit of a no mans land. There is very little one to one help available without a fight. Basically the meeting yesterday was the school special needs coordinator, his teacher, the lady who puts the meeting together and us! I can still ring for advice, but what you discover, quite quickly when you have a child that has different needs, is, as they get older, the harder it is to get any help.

Anyway! The meeting yesterday could not have been more positive! I'm lucky to have a good relationship with the boys school, and especially their teachers. They have always given me information about the boys day and WANT to learn more. This gives me such hope. My boys are with teachers who want to understand them, want to know them as the individuals they are. Yes they are treated a little differently, but not so different that the other children notice. Little A is becoming more verbal, and best of all, he has starting interacting with other children!! Amazing!!

The meeting was all positive, he is moving forward all the time.......long may it continue. 

After such a positive morning we then went to visit the hubby's sister who has just had a beautiful baby boy! She looks amazing, even though my hubby knocking the door did wake her. And the baby......well what do you think!?!?
  It's me!? He was Stunning!
 I got to feed him and have cuddles, he's such a contented little thing.
 ( I say little, following my hubby's family tradition, he was 10lb plus!) 

I actually managed to leave without smuggling him with me.

I then did nothing except recover from the 2 bottles of wine I'd drunk the evening before, it had been an old friends birthday the day before. The 2 bottles were necessary to cheer her up, she's having a rough time lately. Several bottles of wine and a Chinese helped it for one night! 

So from a very, very proud and happy mammy....have a great weekend all.


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