Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrate Successes

Today was my last session of Earlybird+. For more information about it or to find help with contacting someone about it in your area please go on the NAS website.
I've been on both the original one and the earlybird+, I've found both incredibly helpful. Not just to give me advice on how to deal with different problems, but also knowing that I'm not alone.  The classes are run with several parents at once. You soon realise you can be very open with situations you've been through, as these parents are also going through it!
Today's session focused on the outside help you can look into, which I am finding, since little A started school, a bit difficult to connect with.  I have left with a pack though, that has info about, not just professionals, but clubs that we can go to where all the children are on the ASD spectrum, so the parents are not going to bat an eyelid when your child throws himself to the floor or runs in circles for 10mins because they're excited.
Today was also about celebrating successes. We all do it, but when your child has ASD those successes can be very different.
My big ones that I shared today were that.....
Little A can now put a whole sentence together, he can ask for something fully and politely, for a child that was virtually non verbal 18months ago, he has come along leaps and bounds!
RJ is beginning to understand quiet time, it does take a little picture for him to understand we are ALL having quiet time, but he's getting it, and lowering his voice, amazing, believe me!!!
He's also doing really well with the rules. We have signs up in the kitchen and the bedroom with list of rules, and the consequences of not following them. Its working a treat!
So now I am done, alone again in the vast ocean of the ASD spectrum. It sometimes feels like I'm treading water, but I have yet to sink!
So hopefully happy times ahead on the good ship Henley..........long may it continue
(although we do have to tackle little A dressing himself next so don't hold your breath!)

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