Monday, October 08, 2012

Ugh Mondays!!

We all know that Monday morning feeling, don't we??

Yuck sums it up I think...
This Monday I wondered why I bothered getting up.
It's not like any morning is easy in this house anyway!

We have to get everything done in routine or the whole morning goes tits up! 

I thought this morning was going well. R was following his chart, so was all sorted and in order. His clothes weren't where they should be, but that was resolved quickly, and without too much fuss.
A, however was a whole different story. I had forgotten that the new Ben 10 Omniverse series had started on the weekend, so obviously he wanted that on and, stupidly, I agreed to 1 episode, as long as he ate his breakfast etc whilst watching. 

This was going OK, I got him fed and fully dressed, shoes as well, without any fuss. Then he found a Ben 10 toy, OK, school is fine with him keeping one in his bag, if it gets him to school happily. 

Then, catastrophe!! 

He found a fully charged iPad, ugh....

I thought I could talk him down, saying he could put it in his bag for school. My big mistake here was saying the word 'school'. You are not allowed to say this word at any point in the morning. He knows he's getting ready, but if its acknowledged it causes upset, so it's not........Silly Mammy!!

So now we have a very unhappy child, I got him out of the house by distraction and persuasion. By the time we'd got to the school he'd kind of forgotten, but I know my son, it's still there, just brewing.

He almost walked through the class door when the complete meltdown happened. I don't know what triggered it. Could of been that the teachers weren't stood where they normally were. Or that his class teacher is off sick. It could simply of been a picture moved.

Whatever it was, he wouldn't go in. I cajoled, his teacher came to help, but nope. I carried him in to show me where his hook was, then as the teacher took over, I snook out. 

The doors had already been shut when I heard the almighty scream, I had to hide so he wouldn't see me. He was by the door screaming and biting the handle. That's when you know it's a bad one, he starts biting to hurt himself. I couldn't leave, partly because he'd see me but mostly because that's my baby in there, screaming and hurting himself!!

I did manage to get away, heartbroken and tearful myself.

I had a call an hour later, could I drop up a sippy cup. He was calm and was also helpwr heddiw (teachers helper) today, they told me he was doing great, he was happy, using good words and loving helping. They wanted the cup as another boy had one last week and he got upset thinking it was his. They were just making sure nothing more upset him.

But still, all I want is for him to come home and tell me he's OK with a cuddle.

Neither of which will happen....

Maybe Tuesday will be better....



  1. What a morning but I do recognise some parts of it. My 8 year old was recently diagnosed on the Spectrum and some morning getting him from his bed to the school gate is a mammouth task. All the cajoling, distracting, negotiating and patience that is required is exhausting. But the outcome of your morning is so heartbreaking and to have to come away is so painful. I feel for you.

    1. Its not easy some days is it? Thankfully we haven't had a meltdown this term yet x

  2. Wow, life ain't easy sometimes is it? Sounds exhausting just reading it :( The teachers at his school sound lovely though and so understanding. Thanks for sharing on Oldies but Goodies :)

    1. Its improving thanks to the support of the school and teachers. We still have our mornings though x

  3. Poor boy! That sounds so hard on you all. Hope sharing on your blog helps you deal with it.

    1. Its horrible to watch, and it does help writing it all down x


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