Friday, October 05, 2012

Turning 40

No, not yet. 

But not that far off......

I actually don't turn 40 until next June! However some of my friends, mostly school friends, are having their birthdays now, I was one of the babies of the year!


Its left me feeling a little reflective.....Not so much regretting the things I've done, I don't believe you should do that. You are who you are because of the experiences you've been through. No, its more thinking about the things I haven't done.

I have 3 beautiful children, all 3 stunningly individual, with their own needs and demands. I had my 1st at 24 and my last at 34. All quite respectable ages I think, but its meant that most of those years were filled up with Nappy's and bottles!.....Oh and all those wonderful 1st's......
1st steps, 1st tooth, 1st haircut, all x3! wonderful!

I couldn't possibly regret a single thing I've done in those years. 

The years since my last child have been filled with learning, seeing the world a completely different way. I've even gone back to school in a sense, taking special classes to help me understand how my 2 youngest see the world.  
There also doesn't seem to be an end to the nappies!!

I digress....I'm left thinking about the things I would of liked to fit in, between nappies and bottles! So I'm writing this list, its going to seem a bit random, but its my list so shush!!....

I would love to be fit at 40, I've made no secret of my weight issues. Its a daily struggle and one I would love to conquer before my 'life begins'.

I would love to ride a horse.  I used to love going with my parents' friends, when I was little, to feed her horses, but I've never actually been on one.

I'd love to go for a ride on a motorbike. I know classic mid life crisis! I haven't done it since I was about 17.

I would like a studio recording of my singing. I've never wanted to do it professionally, its the only time I get shy, stood up in front of people to sing. It doesn't stop me from loving doing it though, and after a few of the V+C's I am quite the karaoke queen.

I would love to go to a concert! A proper full on one, I love P!nk, that would be my ideal, if not her, a good rock band.

I would love to go see a comedian, I have been to see a few when they have done practise tours locally. Someone like McIntyre, Bishop or Al Murray!!

You may see a theme here, A west end show! I took my eldest, with my mum, to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in London.  To visit that city again with grown ups and watch a show...........heaven!!

To have a make over!! Oh that would be perfect!! Any one got the number for Gok or This Morning on speed dial?

A couple of nights away. A genuine break from everything. I have fitted a few of these in during my child rearing days, but they are very few and far between, only one since child number 3, as my mum struggles to manage all 3. Hell, I struggle with all 3!! 

To go to Disney land!! I know, I know a cliche, but I've only ever been to 2 theme parks in my entire life, it would be a dream come true!!

A foreign holiday. In the 23 years me and my hubby have been together we have been abroad once! I'm not even sure it would be possible with little A, he's not good with confinement and hates being strapped in for long periods.

Now for those that truly know me, this last one will come as a shock..........I'd kind of regret never having the fairytale wedding. I married my hubby in a small ceremony, with only immediate family, in a registry office at 19. At the time it was exactly what I wanted. We renewed our vows at 10yrs, this time in a church, but still with only very close friends and family. Again, I don't regret it, but now we've been married 23 years and I realised I missed my time for the fairytale, ya know?

 The first wedding.......Shhhhh, it was early 90s
The renewal, pregnant with child number 2..Awwww

So there's my list, I know it may seem simple to some of you, but I've led a fairly simple life up til now!!



  1. Aw I love this, I'm just a year behind you and have been turning my thoughts to 40 aswell. I hope you get to do some of these things, I would also LOVE a makeover btw! Oh well, we can dream..

    1. we shall get people to bombard This Morning with requests for us!! lol x

  2. I love it ... Love reading it and your renewal picture is gorgeous !! X Lisa X

    1. why, thank you! A lot of creases have appeared in all sorts of places since then, but its a very happy memory xx

  3. I turned 40 six years ago. I stretched the birthday out by going to Prague for a weekend with a couple of friends, then had a week in Spain with more friends and my daughter. I love being in my 40's now and have found a new confidence. I have seen Pink in concert and highly recommend her as she it just amazing. Great list :)

    1. Thank you! I'm still kinda dreading it and have made no plans what so ever! I've even ducked out of others 40th celebrations haha x


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