Friday, October 26, 2012

Today I......

Today I drove about 120 miles.
Not a big achievement to most I know, but to me that's HUGE
I've never driven that far alone before, I actually don't think I've even travelled that far alone in about 25 years, and that was on a coach. My mum dropping me one end and my brother meeting me at the other!!
The other thing, that I have brushed upon in a previous blog, is that I am in a lot of pain these days.
I can't walk too far, unless wearing VERY good boots, or strangely......High heels?! They bend my foot the right way. Odd I know.
Its probably the dodgy ankle that has made my hip on the opposite leg hurt now, being off balance all the time and depending on it. In turn this is now hurting my back, constantly!
To drive the 60 miles and back I had to have a cushion behind my back the whole journey, which didn't stop it hurting, but made it hurt less. I had to make sure I was close enough to the pedals for 2 reasons.......
1.  My hip doesn't move too much without hurting
2.  I have STUPIDLY short legs! honest....27" inside leg!
The baddy, busted ankle that started all this pain was fine! pushing the clutch doesn't hurt because it is bending my foot the right way......ugh!
On top of all this, as also mentioned before I have depression, I'm dealing with it quite well currently (blogging helps tremendously), but I still get nervous and anxious quite easily.
However, with the company of my teenage son on the way up, and his teenage cousin joining us for the return journey. It was amusing, entertaining and dare I say it.......FUN.
So it is with great pride in myself I say.....
Today I drove about 120 miles.

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