Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The younger me

I was watching an interview with Miranda Hart on TV this morning, she was discussing her autobiography (that I shall be buying). 

A question which kept cropping up was "what would you say to your younger self?" 

It got me thinking, what would I say......
To the 13 year old me:

I know that your life has really been turned upside down right now, but it will get better. Boys and boyfriends will not make you feel better, neither will cigarettes and alcohol. Stay in more and watch how your wonderful mother grows and becomes a fantastic role model for strong women. 
Don't listen to the girls that call you names, you are beautiful. It may take you a while to see it but don't let these times dictate how you see yourself for he rest of your life xxx 

To the 16/17 year old me:
yes this is the 16yr old me, it was the 80's
I know he can be a shit at times and that by being with him you've pretty much made yourself homeless. Stick it out though, because what your heart is telling you is right, he does adore you, and you know it don't you? Things will come right, but its going to get worse before it gets better. Just be strong xxx 

To the me in my early 20s:

It's hard to believe that you will ever have children, and seeing the positive tests, knowing that there will be no baby in a few days, is the hardest thing you are ever going to go through. There will be children and they will be beautiful and healthy. But I genuinely think you have been chosen to wait. There are children coming to you that need a more mature, patient, caring you. You have to wait to be ready, you won't cope with them now and it won't be easy when they do come. Some days will be so hard that you will want to lock yourself away and cry......do it. I promise it will make you feel better xxxx 

From a grown up (ish)

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