Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Saturday night!!

I have been invited out this Saturday, actually by 2 different groups of friends.
This makes me happy........ish......

I'm happy because I'm lucky that I have friends that want my company. Also, these are lovely friends!
Don't kid yourself this is a wine and cheese type evening.
It will be a 'hitting the town, already drunk, dancing my ass off' evening.
Now here comes the problem.........I've not been out in months!!
It used to be an every Saturday night thing, quite frankly, I don't know what happened or when it changed. 
I haven't even put make up on my face for approximately 3 months.
I'm not the mummy that is perfectly coiffed and made up at the school gates. I'm normally wearing my 'if its' outfit : If its clean and not too smelly I can put it on. And a brush very rarely sees my hair before midday.
Everything just got so hard recently, nothing changed, just everything was more difficult.
I don't get 5 mins, and when I do, I fall asleep.
I know a lot of this is worry, my hubby has been under the weather. We've not spoke about it outside our house, but blood tests came back today, and he's had various checks.......and he's OK. Its not the worryingly serious thing we thought it might be.
So, I've told my friends I'm out........Eek.
Now WTF do I wear???? Nothing fits, it was summer the last time I went out, but I'm a sweaty bee-atch so I need to keep cool. But I don't have time to go clothes shopping......Oh god I'm stressed out and its Wednesday already!!!

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