Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Steps

I wasn't planning on doing a blog today. I didn't have much to say......
My back and ankle are killing me so I've sat down bored all day, doesn't make good reading does it?
Then I picked my youngest up from school.
He's been a bit unsettled in school lately, I've had to go up because he won't let anyone else do anything with him.
The last two days he's refused to let anyone change him. So up I go, change his nappy, have 5 minutes discussion with him about allowing his teacher to do it. Yesterday he ate his lunch with me too, I was allowed to leave because they were making bread rolls, and the teacher preparing for this captured his interest!
Anyway, today.
He came out of class with the bread roll, and a chupachups lolly because it had been someones birthday.
Nothing special I hear you say!
He proceeded to open the lolly as I discussed his day with his teacher, he couldn't do it alone so I helped him a little.
Then he did.......THIS....

My son has never.......and I mean NEVER! Eaten a sweet
Nothing goes in his mouth unless its been inspected, rubbed and examined to check its the right colour and texture. If it doesn't pass this test, it doesn't reach his mouth, it gets a yuck...then thrown away and that's that!
I really don't know what to say! My eldest and I was dumbstruck, I had to explain to the shocked expressions on our faces to his teacher, who was then equally shocked!
Especially as he had even refused his sandwiches today!!
Have a great week from a very happy mama!!


  1. That's amazing :-) Proud mama indeed x

  2. not sure if last comment went through as I wasn't logged in, but wow! - amazing stuff :-) proud mama indeed x

  3. I love today ! That's great, I bet you've smiled all day about that :-) :-) me too x Lisa x


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