Monday, October 15, 2012

I've changed

So, I went out Saturday night. It was hard to do originally, but while I was getting ready, I was actually looking forward to it!

I do love a good boogy, and a few voddies always help bring out the Beyonce in me. I realised though that I have changed and I just needed to say..............

Its not you, Its me..
Goodness, that's a line I never thought I'd say!!

I really did enjoy myself, and I shall definitely do it again. I was, however, ready to come home at 11.30! If you'd told me a few months ago that I would feel like this I would of laughed in you face!!

I was out every weekend, never home before midnight, normally in the hour after that. But something has changed in me and I honestly don't know what it is.

I got really low for a while, thinking that I had no one, I had gotten really hard on myself. When I look back on it, my friends were texting, emailing and messaging, it was me that was shutting myself off.

Saturday night it was like a switch had been flicked! I knew so many people that were out, but by 11pm I was starting to feel a little disconnected. Its difficult to explain...I really was having fun, I was quite tipsy, and dancing like a mad woman, but I was ready for home.

Sunday morning I was up as normal, hubby cooked us all a breakfast, and I felt like doing a bit of cooking.

I spent the most of Sunday in my kitchen, experimenting with some sugar free baking (that went completely wrong!), making bread and helping R bake his own cakes.

I have never been happier.

So I don't know why or when it happened, but it did......
I've changed.....
and I don't care!

Some of my friends might think I've got boring.....well guess what....that's your problem, not mine!!

I want to bake on a Sunday with the kids!
I am loving sitting down and relaxing with my knitting!
I love writing my blog and I love reading others!

For the 1st time in ages I genuinely don't give a shit what anyone thinks!! I have a loving home, with kids that need me and a hubby who (I hope) adores me.

I am not 100% healthy, I have diabetes and struggle to walk on my ankle that I broke a couple of years ago, and if I want to moan about it.......I'm going to!! If you don't like it don't bloody read it!

I will go out again for a night with friends, it will be nerve wracking for me to do, but I'll still do it, just not as often as I used to.......because I'm equally happy staying home!

So this is me, I have outed myself for what I really am, like it or not.......I don't care.....



  1. Not boring at all .... Just living and enjoying the small but best things in xxx perfect I'd say ....and there's nothing like a good moan to the people who care and will listen.
    Fab post was following via twitter now following blog via networked blog xxx

    1. Thank you! For your follow and your comment. I think I'm finally feeling comfortable with who I really am :-) x


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