Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I wouldn't change......

I have been tagged again!
This time by the lovely mummymakesmytummygoyumyumyum, like me she's fairly new to blogging. The idea that she's come up with is, in my humble opinion, a really nice one!
We all, sometimes, seem to focus on the negative.
So lets look at some positives...

I wouldn't change....My past with my husband. We met when I was very young, and not in appropriate circumstances. There was a big age gap, my 16 to his 25, and there were some very stormy moments early on. But we are still here, over 23 years later, still in love and very rarely argue. 
I wouldn't change....My children's autistic traits. They help me see the world in a whole new way, and have opened my eyes to every detail that we sometimes miss during the day.
I wouldn't change...The new old friends that I have made recently. I know that sounds odd, but these are ladies that I went to school with a couple (*cough) of years ago. They are the beautiful, strong women that I spoke of yesterday. And even though I struggle to feel like I fit in, this is due to my issues, not them.
I wouldn't change.....My home!! Its old and rickety with marks on the walls and unglossed skirting boards. It never looks completely tidy. But its mine, its where all 3 of my boys, my eldest was just a few months old when we moved in, have grown and are growing up. There are marks on the doors that were put there to show my boys growth. And every dent and scratch has a story.
I wouldn't change.....The fact that little A can't pronounce his L's, lets be honest 'I wuff you!!' is far too cute to change.
I wouldn't change....The madness that is my life!!!
So, seeing as she's tagged me a few times, I am tagging the lovely Mama Owl, and I would also love to see what sonyacisco has to say, because I love her blog too!!
Happy days world, let share a smile ;-)


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