Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I Want

The lovely Mama Owl has tagged me in a blog.

The idea is, a blog is written with a theme or title, you tag someone, then the theme of the blog keeps going.

I do like the title of this one, and I loved Mama's 'wants'............so here goes.....

I want....To have a little more confidence. I've never been shy, but lately I find myself backing away from social situations.

I want....Real friends, the type that are there for the ups and downs. I probably do have a couple of these, but I just find myself alone a lot.

I want....To not be so intimidated by smart, beautiful people. I have some friends that want me to go out but they are stunning, intelligent, focused women. I struggle to make conversation because I don't want to be seen as stupid.

I want....The daily trudge of organising skills to be easy!! Its such a fight every morning.

I want....My eldest son, who is the greatest kid ever, to drop the attitude he's had this weekend!

I want....To be able to eat chocolate.

I want....To lose weight!!! I do work out. I do burn more cals than I take in. I do eat my veg..........I don't lose weight!!

I want....To not always be so poor!

I want....To have dinner at The Crown again, one of the best meals I have ever eaten!....(see above post)

I want....To be happy. I genuinely suffer with depression, people very often pass it off as a 'phase'. Its not, I have battled with it for most of my adult years. 

I want....To win the lottery.

I want....Autism Awareness for everyone.

I want.....New clothes that don't cost less than £5

I want.....To go shopping for myself without coming back with bags full of stuff for my boys.

I want.....My husband to stay at home with me.........every day.....all the time!! yip really 

I want.....To move, I would love to move near my husbands family in Wiltshire. They are all lovely and have always been so accepting of me and my children.

I want.....To have some time to knit!! I wrote a post, Me Time, wondering what I was going to do with my days. Well ignore that, I don't get 5mins!! This is my 1st blog in 2 days.

I want.....More time to read and write blogs.

I want.....To read more of these...........so here's my tagging...thecrumbymummy, mumtales, mummymakesmytummygoyumyumyum

So get wanting you beautiful people!!


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