Friday, September 28, 2012


YES!! This week has ended with all 3 of my children making it to school every day this week.

No major meltdowns, tantrums or general unhappiness has occurred.

In my home, this is the very definition of success.

The week started with my dear OH realising that one thing at a time seemed to work best for little A. 
For example.... R needs every part of his morning mapped out, every detail.  His little tick chart starts with having breakfast and ends with him collecting his school bag. If he doesn't have this he will do nothing, zero....zilch. You get the idea.

However, little A, who we had been treating similarly, can't process that much info in one go.

So on realising this Monday, we started Tuesday with a simple " time for breakfast "......easy! 
Now that probably seems a silly thing to say, you're thinking....'I'd say that!'. But you don't.
Next time you're getting ready to take your child anywhere, listen to yourself.
I bet you say...'come on, have your breakfast, we've got to get ready for......'

That's too much info for little A to process.

So, next was 'let's get dressed' at the beginning of the week this got the response 'I not go school!'

I answered him, in as few words that I could, explaining I hadn't mentioned school that we were getting dressed. This he accepted.......and got dressed! 

Then, whilst Jake and the pirates were playing, we had shoes on, sandwiches made and lunch time snack picked without any shouting. This calmness had captured R too, who was happily getting ready and ticking things off.

As Jake finished with a jaunty little tune, we were putting on coats. Then when it finished I switched off the TV and off we went. Little A did insist on having a toy with him, but the school has ok'd this, because they understand what it takes to get him there.

By the end of the week, today, we are currently leaving the house, on time, without toy!!!! 

Yes really!!!


I have cracked it!!

I do hope it continues Monday....

From a smug faced me wishing you a wonderful weekend


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