Thursday, September 27, 2012


Thursday is respite day for me, for 3 hours every Thursday eve, 2 lovely people come around. They are from a service supplied by social services.

I'm being quite open admitting this as I get mixed looks/comments about this. I know that some people don't feel the need and I respect that. I will say, that mostly the people that feel this way do have a good support network.
This doesn't mean I don't have a great family, or that I'm hard done by. But I get very little break from my children and don't really have a life outside of my home anymore.
I am also very fortunate to be in a very loving relationship, a relationship that started a long time before I had children. We have a lot of time for each other and like each others company.
So, anyway, Thursday is the day I get to be a grown up. I get to go for dinner, spend time with the person I love, and if he's working, I get to spend it with a friend or a good book.......Any of the above make me happy.
Tonight is going to be a bit different....
Usually I go for a meal, however, me and the hubs are mourning the loss of true alone time. Last week after our meal, we drove to a road surrounding a pretty castle near us. We cwtched up together in the back seat and...........tut tut!!, behave!!.........we just whiled away an hour talking and enjoying the peace and quiet.
So this week, we have purchased 2 cushions, that can stay in the car for various drives, and we plan on doing very little!
We shall be driving to a local beauty spot, grabbing a takeaway, folding the seats up........and having a late night picnic. We may even put the kids DVD player in and watch a film.
I have to say I am looking forward to this more than any other week. Just me, him, food and a bit of quiet.
Who says romance is dead? What would you do if you could have a break?


  1. tha bloody fab bbz enjoy both of u.. x

    1. we really did, could do with a bigger car though!x

  2. That sounds idyllic to me. Grab any time you get alone together and enjoy it. All couples need time together and it's great that you have got a few precious hours xx

    1. it was beautifully peaceful, thank you x

  3. This kind of service is exactly what I need! Glad you enjoyed your evening :)

    1. it is a much needed break, we had a wonderful eve x


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