Friday, September 21, 2012


 Is it really that time of the week again!?! Seriously!
Wow the weeks are simply flying towards the dreaded expensive holiday.....sorry.

So here are my Reasons to be Cheerful this week.
1. My hubbys new shifts!! He has now gone to 4 day weeks, this may sound like we'd be worse of financially, however, he will be working long shifts when he's in. As a result of these 4 day weeks (which by the way include some 5 day wks?!) he has the next 5 days off!! woohoo. I get him for 2 of those days all to myself!!  Yippee x
2. The lovely lady at the respite service, who has taken it on her own back, and got me an extended 4 weeks!! Oh yes, I have three hours all to myself every Thursday until the end of October now.....phew.
3. My childrens Xmas list......oh yes, they have been handed to me already.  My youngest has no list, but he is Ben 10 mad, so thats a safe bet! My little 9 year old has given me the tiniest list!! Awww All he's wanted all year is a BMX. He also wants a laptop, not as expensive as it sounds, there's a place in the town near us that fixes up laptops and sells them at a reasonable price, and they are very reliable. Thats really it!! Now my eldest, who is 15 the day after Xmas.....15!!.....His list is 3 A4 pages long!....I kid you not!!! He has stuff from websites, the Argos catalogue, the sports direct catalogue, it is insane! I've just had to sit him down and get him to explain half of it to me! Both their lists made me smile though, they really did.
So what makes you cheerful this week? Comment below or add your blog to the linky.



  1. The weeks are flying past, cant believe christmas is just round the corner, brilliant your kids have done their lists already, good to know what they want, im sure my son will have his list ready soon lol xx

  2. You are organised getting your head round christmas shopping now. Maybe I should take some tips!

  3. I can't believe you are getting Christmas organised already :-)


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