Friday, September 14, 2012


The weeks are flying by aren't they??
I do seem to be finding things to do, or people are finding them for I am making a cake for my 9yr olds girlfriend.....Yes really!
So on with my reasons to be cheerful....

1. This week in particular it has to be the people that surround me to help with my youngest. The CASS team (a local group supporting parents of children with Autism) invited me back to the EarlyBird+. Its a series of 'lessons' written by the National Autism Society. They basically teach you how your child sees the world, it really has opened my eyes to how to treat my child and how, sometimes his reactions can be to the smallest changes. I have already done the EarlyBird, but this class is aimed at children a little older, I was invited because of the realisation that R was probably on the spectrum and I could do with some help!!
2. The other members that have made me cheerful this week are my respite sitters and little A's teachers, who have really made my life a little easier this week. My youngest really doesn't like the transition between school and home, yesterday being particularly horrific. He flat out refuses to go to school every morning.......Every morning!!  Yesterday he had to be dragged in to the school, kicking and screaming. When I went back to pick him up, they told me it had lasted about 3 minutes because they have sorted out a treat box for him. When he withdraws or does something good, his box comes out, it has puppets and a Rubik cube (which he loves), and it calms him down and makes him excepting of his surroundings and people. So after feeling all stressed all day over his meltdown, my evening was free to spend with my hubby. My lovely respite sitters, Doug and Katie, oh I want their names tattooed on my arm!! They arrived at 7pm, and took over for 3 whole hours! We only did a bit of shopping last night, but it was easy, then it was home at 10 to 2/3 of my children sleeping.....aahhhh,
3. This is the bestest one!!! tomorrow is 15/09/2012. On this date 23yrs ago, I walked up to a bloke I'd fancied for a while, in a local pub that used to have bands playing every Friday night. I'm not going to tell you what was said or what happened next (its a bit rude, and family may read this, and I was only 16....). Needless to say, whatever it was it worked!! And here we are 23 years later still blissfully happy...........most days. I love this man with all my heart, I know in this day and age youngsters don't understand that sort of love and commitment, but I sincerely hope that one day they get to find out. I grew up with this man, I married him just after my 19th......and I can't wait to grow old with you Mr. Henley, my very own @lazyoldfart xxxxxx

Now pop along to one of the links underneath and see why others are cheerful this week. 


  1. well done on 23 years! whatever you said worked ;-)
    Glad you are getting such great support for the kids and you x

  2. Ahh what a lovely ode to your lazy old fart! Have a great weekend and nice to meet you. Mich x

  3. Awww Happy Anniversary. And it sounds like you've got some lovely people to support you with your son xx


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