Tuesday, September 04, 2012

me time....

Ohhh I'm so lost!!! I genuinely don't know what to do with myself.
Basically I am a full time mum, but when all your children start school full time, well what do you do?

A little history of me, to start with.
I met my lovely hubby when I wasn't much more than a child myself. I always worked, mostly shop or bar work, never a career. Just earning money. Then in my early/mid 20's I decided that I was going to go and learn about these new things that were coming into every part of our lives.....computers!
I was still working, just a little part time job in a rather well known super market, within a few weeks of starting work and college I discovered I was expecting my 1st child. As I have touched upon before, I had a little difficulty getting, and staying, pregnant, so I was wrapping myself in cotton wool. I went straight to work, explained the situation, and they very kindly offered me a position on checkout.
So from this point I became a mum above all else, I worked til I could work no more, but went back when my son was a few weeks old. (back then maternity leave was 18wks!).
This went on for a few years, then we decided maybe baby number 2 would be nice! Baby number 2 happened very quickly! We hadn't considered timings etc. So my big boy was starting full time school in the September, by the middle of January I was holding my big beautiful boy number 2 in my arms. Boy he was a handful. As he was growing up he became very hard to handle.  The realisation that he was on the spectrum didn't come until much later, I just thought he was a very naughty, and intelligent, boy.
Such a handful that another child was not even considered! Until of course I realised, through our own carelessness, that number 3 was already there. I was 8 weeks gone when I realised that he was the reason I was an emotional wreck, I'd even quit my job in a hormonal moment.
Again, timing not our strong point, he was due around the middle of Feb. So I was having 3 children, all around or close to Christmas (the 1st was boxing day)! This pregnancy had some complications, I had gestational diabetes. So from just over half way I was on weekly hospital appointments.
As winter approached, it was the scariest time of my life so far.....my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer. She is an incredibly strong lady though. So every week, me, my bump, my stroppy middle child and my mum would trudge to the hospital. She would head off one way for various check ups etc.. and I would head of the other way to check that my baby was still doing OK.
My second child started full time school (phew). My pregnancy was progressing nicely, and my mum had been operated on an was starting chemo.
Little boy number 3 was then given an early eviction notice, he was getting a little big to stay there, and there were concerns for his health. So I was booked in to be induced the towards the end of January.  I decided to add a little drama at this point.....I set fire to my kitchen, but believe me, that's another story.
My boy number 3 decided he was not leaving without a fight and was born by emergency c-section the end of Jan.  I think he follows his nan as she was  still showing an amazing fighting spirit!
Two years later, we noticed that my little baby was not responding to situations/people as he should, cue 6months of testing. He was then diagnosed with ASD and related difficulties, at this point, after learning so much and speaking to so many professionals we realised why my middle child had been so difficult.
So......to the now, basically if you look back, I have been a mum to either a baby or toddler for the last 15yrs!! 2 of them have had 'special' needs.
I know I shouldn't sing my own praises, but no one else will do it!!.....I think I've done amazing!!
I have 2 children on the spectrum, both going to 'regular' school. Again I think its my mums genes, she is now 1yr away from a full all clear, and travels to a country she's always wanted to every yr.
So there, a little history. I now have all 3 boys in full time school..........
............what do I do now??????


  1. I am similar as have 7 years between each of my 3! Have gone back to work in between- when first one was two, then when second went to school, and I will go back at some point When Syd is bigger. I would have gone back post maternity leave had it not turned out i was going to earn less than It cost to have him cared for!! I think you should enjoy the rest, and soon enough boredom will make you come up with a plan!!! That's what happened for me anyway! Xx

    1. At the moment I'm looking at a lot of recipes. My aim is to make my food look as good as it tastes! haha x


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