Wednesday, September 12, 2012


OK so are you ready for the other reasons I detest February? Really??....
So yesterday I told you about the fire and the birth. The story now continues........a year later!! (betcha didn't see that coming).

I would like to say at this point, there is a really gross picture included in this blog, if you normally can't watch hospital programmes, you probably won't like this!

It was a usual morning at the 'hectic Henley's', 2 children to get ready for school, and a baby to get up. He was just 1 year old a little bundle of joy.
This particular morning my hubby was off work for the day. This is always a bit of a treat for me, he loves being around the boys, so I get a bit of a lazy morning. I can't remember where I was when I heard my hubby crash down the stairs.....but I heard it!
He had been carrying the little bundle at the time, just lost his footing. Unfortunately he almost lost little A too. He slipped from his arms as he was falling. Luckily his paternal instincts kicked and he pulled little A to him.
Of course this meant he couldn't save the noise I'd heard was him crashing into our front door!
Everybody seemed to be OK, little A was OK within seconds, my hubby was quite shook up, more about the fact that he'd almost dropped his son.
Within hours though, quite a bruise had started to show up on the back of his leg...Well I say bruise, within 24hrs it had turned into...................
He had gone to work like this!! He'd been in so much pain, he'd been sent home from work and advised to have it checked a.s.a.p. So off we go to the local A+E. The doc that saw him explained it was a hematoma. hubby, still thinking it was a bruise, asked if he would be back in work after a few days. The doc looked at him as if he was simple (ummmm??) and told him it would be at least 4wks!!
Now my hubby works for a well known Bus company......who don't pay sick?!
So for 4 weeks we survived on hand outs and basics.
This, however, is not the end of my hatred!!! OH No......
After spending most of the year in debt, trying to survive and sort all 3 boys out for Xmas and birthdays, we were finally getting back on our feet.
Then February 6th 2010 came around............with a bastard bang!!!!
It was my turn again! This time the hubby was in work, I was alone on a Saturday afternoon with the boys, it was also during this 6 nations. Not being a sport lover I'd decided to take the boys to the local park for the afternoon, bit of a kick around with a football, a go on the swings, then back home again.
Sounds lovely so far?? Yip, it was.
We got back to the house, one of my eldest sons friends came over, so R and K went on the PS3 with him and little A was playing with stickle bricks on the floor in the sitting room. I decided to have a little tidy around....
As I walked through the doorway to the kitchen, I accidentally stood on a stickle brick, we've all heard the joke about how much it stings, right?? Yh well I stumbled.......fell slightly awkward........and heard the most god awful cracking noise that still gives me goosebumps writing about it now!
I have never felt pain like it!! When I looked down, my foot was kind of hanging awkwardly............and I was screaming in pain!!
My eldest, who was only 12 at the time, came running in, and more or less took control! He got my mobile phone and immediately phoned an ambulance, then my mum, then ran across the street to get a neighbour to come help..........
I would like to add at this point that he will forever be my superhero for the maturity and utter bravery he showed that day!
I basically lay there screaming in pain, with everyone turning up to help, until an ambulance turned up. I was given gas and air, some liquid morphine and put in the back of an ambulance. I'd left behind my boys with my mum, and they were frantically calling my hubby. He knows that if we ring and ring its and emergency and he has to call back as soon as he can.
I was taken, very carefully, but with flashing lights to the A+E (probably should have a chair named after me or summat). My hubby was waiting there for me.
My foot was X-rayed, and they kept telling me they were going to need to 'pull' it  back into shape. My hubby tells me that I told them to stop saying that as it sounded painful!
Thinking it was just dislocated I had even offered the nurse a double vodka to get me out quickly!!
My X-ray came back, and to this day my hubby will tell you that even he could see how badly broken it was. It was explained to me that I would not be going home, and they kept mentioning blisters......?
Now we've all had a blister, right? Shoes too tight etc. Yeah, not like that......
Like this?!?!
What the hell I hear you say!! Ummm apparently they are called fracture blisters, and occur when your body cannot swell anymore and the excess fluid has to go somewhere. They cannot be popped or drained, you just have to stay, feet up and wait for the swelling and blisters to go.
I ended up in hospital, completely bedridden, for almost 2 weeks. When it eventually did all go down I had to be operated on, which meant the ankle had to be re-broken, then set with pins and plates. I have to say, it was honestly the worst time of my life........ever!!
I spent the following 8 weeks in and out of hospital, having the cast changed several times and always in pain. My mum, god love her, took all the time off work, unpaid, as she knew we couldn't afford to do it.
So there you go.........I Fecking hate February!!
I still get some pain now, the ligaments and tendons give me hell, and I'm told that any swelling I still have will always be there, so I have different size and shape ankles.
Wouldn't you hate February????


  1. Bloody hell Jo you keep me sane, cause I now understand that I am not the only one with a strange life. Have to say I know I should not laugh, but you luring on a stickle brick, and AJ shouting give me my brick back mam!!!!!!!!! That's mine. Xxxx

  2. Oh my! What an awful time you guys have in feb! I think I'd spend the whole month in bubble wrap!
    Those injuries are seriously horrible! My grandad had a blister when he was in hospital which took up most of his leg, yuck.
    Hope you're all much better now. Something to tell A when he's older! Daddy hurt himself falling down the stairs carrying you and mummy broke her ankle on your stickle bricks!


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