Monday, September 10, 2012

BritMums blog prompt

Funny word that, what makes each of us proud? I am always proud of my children. Each day they amaze me with how well mannered and well behaved they are. When you factor in their 'differences' it makes the heart swell more.

My perception of pride has changed in the last few years though. I know we are all proud of our children every day, but you know what I'm talking about, the kind that  you want to shove up the 'competative mums' ass!!
Like when my eldest walks in with his last report before taking his chosen subjects, every subject he had chosen he had an above average grade in. I knew how much work he put in to made me proud.
My other 2 are where my perceptions changed. This morning, my middle son got up without any argument and followed his chart for morning routine. I am beaming!
My youngest, well. Yesterday he walked into our sitting room, picked up a nappy from the pile, and brought it to his dad. Turned up that while he had shut himself in his bedroom for the afternoon he'd had a poo (sorry!). I have never felt a swell of pride like it! He's almost 5 now and that was the 1st time he'd EVER indicated he needed changing.
So, basically, you want to talk pride, walk in my house for the day. I have felt pride like never before for each of my children.
My eldest son wants to teach special needs children, that makes me proud.
My middle boy taught himself to swim this summer, that makes me proud.
My youngest has learnt to put a whole sentence together, that makes me proud.
But lastly and leastly, I'm a little proud of me, because I brought these amazing human beings into this world! WOW
So what makes you proud?



  1. Jo you should be proud, you have 3 lovely children, a liveing husband too. I have to say that kyran opened my eye when we were away, I know he is careing helpfully, but he was like a big brother with Gracie. He would catch time to play with her, he also showed me how much him and Ellie mean to each other, without haveing to be a couple. Jo he was so good with my parents( who as we know can be demanding) but he was always polite. That's all down to you and Andrew. So just think yes be proud, always proud. We have had our ups and downs over the yrs. but true friends, always find a way to put things behind us, your always there for me, even when your up to your eyes in it yourself. A true true friend. I am proud of you Jo. Xxxxxx,

    1. Thank you Lou!! I don't think you have any idea just how much that comment means to me xxxx

  2. Lovely post, you have children to be proud of xx


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