Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I saw a picture today on FB, I hope I'm allowed to show it. It has the original authors name, I believe, on the bottom. It really struck a cord with me and it needs to be seen.

Many people without Autistic children may wonder why perfectly 'normal' looking children will run up and down. Whether it be in a supermarket or out in a field, in certain places it does look like bad behaviour.

Its not!

It's just that child's way of coping with the given situation. My child will run back and forth in my house for anything up to 45mins, repeating lines from the film that he's watching.
It calms him.
We have even created a kind of corridor through the living room and kitchen so that nothing gets in his way.

I love to see him do it, I know it makes him happy, and when its bedtime he will sit on his bed and rock, again he's making himself happy.

An autistic child's way of seeing the world and dealing with it is a beautiful thing to be a part of if you open your mind.

proud parent of a stimming child


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