Tuesday, August 07, 2012


So I will get to the point of the title in a moment, but first I would like to follow on from yesterdays blog, Funday.
We did have an absolutely fantastic day.  However, I wrote the blog before the meltdowns.....yes that's correct........plural!!
Oh yes, they came thick and fast that evening.
The 1st one was my youngest, who decided that he wanted another Transformer toy. I had told him that there would be no more, he had been bought Ice Pick and that was the last! Soooo.....he threw said toy out! With the words 'Ice Pick gone! now go toy shop'.
OK, so I don't know how much any of you know about Autism, but there was great difficulty explaining that it didn't work like that........leading to the meltdown.

The 2nd one was son number 2. Whilst playing on the Xbox on the bed in his big brothers bedroom, he got aggravated by his big and little brother talking. This led to an almighty scream, the throwing of a controller at his big brother, general stomping and tears. Then coming downstairs to tell me he had done what I'd taught him and taken himself out of the situation that was winding him up............seriously!?!
You just can't make it up!!

No.3 meltdown was the youngest again...........Yes they tag teamed me!!
It was all over falling asleep in his brothers bed, which meant I had to move him and change his nappy while he was sleeping. So obviously he woke up with the full blown meltdown type that we don't, thankfully, see too often!!!

Eventually all children were settled, my eldest, I think, was glad to shut his door on the other 2!

Soooo.....Onto my title....

My middle child gets obsessions with things on Youtube.
A month or two ago he watched so many videos on motorbikes he could tell you how to ride one, and name every switch and button on a bike.....he's 9!!

When there was no more to learn he moved on to free running, you know where they use buildings, roofs, basically anything to run all over a city....except the floor!!
This led to him using my furniture as a base to fall off as he was learning to land properly, which actually helped when he fell, last week, off a post he was climbing, quite cool to be fair.

His current obsession, mostly thanks to Dynamo, is magic.......
This has lasted longer than most, thanks partly, I think to the school holidays.
But Oh My Goodness he's gooood!!!
Like really!

He's been practising his card tricks on anyone who sits still long enough to watch.
Slightly annoying...........who am I kidding..........Its driving me furking CRAZY.
But he really is getting quite good! To the point where even I'm sat there wondering how he does it!
The utter joy in his little face is fabulous to behold.

Unfortunately he is NOT a good liar, which leads him to want to tell you how he does it!! haha!
We have to keep reminding him that the key to a good magician is to keep it to himself, I won't hold my breath though...........

So from a slightly frustrated, very tired mam, who is waiting to be sawn in half......

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