Saturday, August 18, 2012

how dare he?!?!`

So I finally get my hubby back after 3 weeks of working at the Olympics!
I know, I've already written a post about this.....blah blah!
Everything is back to normal...........but it isn't.....

My eldest son.....the one that I depend on hugely..........has gone away for a week!!!!

How very bloody dare he!!

Now I know I shouldn't rely on him as much, but he's awesome with his brothers. His youngest brother utterly adores him, he's the only one to get cuddles, and his middle brother idolises him, he's his complete hero.

He actually wants to become a special needs teacher, so technically I'm giving him an education!!

My hubby is off the whole week my son is away.....this should mean he will give the extra help I need, but he's a grown man!! We all know they're more needy than kids half the time!

To his credit though he has helped me paint my new home gym ( the conservatory) and put down flooring in two rooms. So he is proving his worth.

Still miss my boy though, he's the only one of my kids to hand out free cwches, and he actually gets jokes and sarcasm.

So I'm back to counting days until another of the men in my life returns!!

From a slightly lost *sobs*


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