Monday, August 06, 2012


I've had an awesome day with the kids!!!

Slept straight through my alarm this morning, never a bad thing!
It was only set for fun day anyway.
So a little bit of a mad rush ensued to get us all ready to get out of the house in time for it all to begin but never mind......We were off to see Dr. Seuss The Lorax!

So with everybody dressed we shot out of the house. I wanted to be at the first showing of the day, its easier on the 2 youngest children if there's not too many people around. I'd prepared them from the night before that we were going, so leaving the house wasn't too big a deal.

I very rarely take them anywhere without the OH, but I have to prove to myself that I'm capable of it. Its never easy. My middle child will just wander off without thinking if he's still in sight of the family, and he has to over talk everything. My youngest child will wander off aimlessly without any awareness of dangers, and likes everything broken down into simple language. You can see the dilemma this leaves me and my eldest, we basically have to take one each and be ready to run!
I sometimes wonder if I'm being unfair on my eldest boy, expecting so much, but he doesn't seem to mind, I also give him lots of time away from them.

So we managed to get them safely into the cinema, then, after giving my purse a good hiding, got them to the seats.
We have to sit right at the front as my youngest has to run when he's stimulated/excited/ get the picture.....he needs space to run!

The Lorax I would recommend to anyone with children of any age. Mine are 4, 9 and 14 and  all laughed and enjoyed it, quite honestly I found myself laughing out loud on many occasions.

After leaving the cinema I'd decided that while I was on this roll, no meltdowns so far, I should take them out to dinner to finish off!
Brave mama!!

This did involve a slight detour to a local factory shop, my youngest calls it the toy shop, for a Transformer toy. I don't mind, they are quite cheap and they will get played with until the next obsession begins.

This meant we were free to enjoy our food, and enjoy it we did!

So, I'm very proud of myself today!! no major unsolvable meltdowns and a wonderful day out.
Now its on to painting, which i am determined to finish before the OH gets home from working away.

I am a stronger more capable woman than I realised


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