Friday, August 03, 2012

day and night out!

So, a week after my hubby has gone away for work.....I finally take all 3 children out.

On My Own!!!

It was kind of cheating a bit, we went to one of those big indoor play places.
And I took a couple of magazines with me.
And made my eldest son follow my youngest son everywhere....
But I did it alone..

It was actually a fantastic afternoon, the place wasn't too big and the food wasn't too expensive. I decided to buy a couple of bowls of chips and bits and everyone drinks, including a deluxe hot choc for myself, obviously. It only came to just over £12, quite reasonable I thought.
I also didn't have to pay for my eldest, so it only cost me just shy of a tenner for us all to go in.

The only downside was my youngest, on being told it was time to leave, did just that. He headed straight for the gates, which are supposed to be secure. Two children were on their way in and my son headed out to the foyer. Cut to mad mommy, me, running through parents and kids with wild abandon!
I did get to him before he got outside.
Giving the young girl who was monitoring (use the word loosely) the gates a very sharp look.
 I asked her quite sarcastically if she would of stopped him. The sarcasm went straight over her head, the look didn't!

Then onto my evening...

I had my 1st ever Respite babysitters in last night.
I've built up to this for weeks and was  incredibly nervous. I mean its basically leaving your children with complete strangers, right??

My youngest was exhausted, but that was my plan. I thought if he was exhausted, then they'd only have to deal with my middle boy and the eldest.
So he went up to bed just before they came at 7, with a film and some milk.

Then I left them.........*gulp*

I decided to go to a local restaurant, the type that do 2 for 1 meals. I found myself a lovely little corner, and sat with my book whilst eating a 2 course meal...........heaven.
I was finished early, so I went to Asda and browsed underwear..........without any of my (male) children handing me stuff they thought I would like...........heaven.

I got home to find that nothing had happened, my children were fine, and there was no mad axe murderers in my house *phew*

My middle boy had spent the evening doing card tricks, his current obsession. The youngest had woken back up (great!!), but was quite happy sat in bed watching his film, and my eldest had watched the Olympics with the sitters, and said they were 'ok'. Very high accolade from a teenage boy!

I ended up being so relaxed, that on settling all 3 down with what they required to stay in beds, I locked the house up tight and went out like a light.

I'm now actually looking forward to next week and another 3 whole hours without any children.

Hope your weekends are as relaxed and happy as I am....


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