Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Oh I really am in SO much pain!!! I feel like an old lady, anyone have a zimmer I could borrow??

I have been looking around and asking on FB it seems its my sciatic nerve?!?! Please forgive any spelling error!!

I honestly thought it was something old people got! but nooooo it seems I have it, and I'm not old!

Oh and to put the tin hat on it..........guess who's doing the 10k race for life on Saturday......Yip!! that would be me.

So I'm actually listening to my dear hubby and resting, at least I think that's the right thing to do??? Luckily I never planned to actually RUN the race, just fast walk, but I guess it'll be a slow walk now!

On top of all of this, my little one has the WORST cough, poor thing has had enough. He doesn't really have the verbal skills to say where he's hurting and medicine is a big no no for him. Its quite simply the wrong colour.

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