Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missing kisses

This is a lot different to my missing cwches blog. This is about my hubby. As parents of autistic children we sometimes forget about the 'us'.

Last weekend my OH went away for work, just 3 short weeks, but that's the longest we've been apart in 23 years!!
He went away for a week for his 40th, but I took the children away on a short caravan break with my gran. I felt like I was missing a limb that time too!

In fact I wrote a blog about my fears that I wouldn't miss him...my worries and fears.

The truth is though I am missing him........Oh lord I am missing him soooo much, and its only been 3days so far!

I don't miss his help with the kids,
I don't miss him doing the garden
or the 'manly' things that might need doing around the house.

I miss his back...late at night, when I can't sleep and I curl up into it.
I miss his awesome cuddles....he's 6 foot + and can wrap me up and make me feel so wanted and protected.

Most of all I miss his kisses........Oh i am missing his kisses!!

I remember the 1st time he kissed me, my 1st thought was how bad his breathe was!!

23years is a long time, 3 weeks is a spot on the ass of a long time!!

But I miss him!!

Hurry home my lover/best friend/husband!


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