Friday, July 13, 2012

Missing cwches

There is one of those annoying pictures, that everyone is covering Facebook in these days, that actually speaks the truth.

It states 'anyone can give a cuddle.....only the Welsh can cwch'. This is so very true.

 You see a cwch, its so much more than a cuddle, a cuddle is putting your arms around someone. A cwch is the feeling you get when your mam holds you tight when you break up with your 1st boyfriend, or the 1st time you hold a man and realise you're in love.

That's the feeling you'll get EVERY TIME you have a cwch.

Now imagine having that taken away

My youngest son has been ill this week, coughing all the time. He spent the one day just crying and saying OW, not having the verbal skills to tell us what was wrong. He won't take medicine, never has. I've slipped it in squash in the past but all he's wanted is milk this week.

All anyone wants to do when their child is upset or ill, is wrap them up in a cwch! Protect them from the germs and the world in general. My son won't allow that. He will give you a cuddle, but only on his terms. 2am this morning I had to sit on the bed, while my son crawled around it, coughing, crying and telling me to get off. It's heartbreaking. I know though that cuddling him, giving him a cwch, would make him unhappy and agitated.

So I have to sit there, just be there. He settled to sleep eventually and has woken much brighter this morning. Still coughing, but hopefully getting better now.

So the moral of the story? Take advantage of every cwch you're given, I'm sure where ever you're from there's an equivalent. Breathe them in and enjoy them! I'm lucky that one of my children still loves a cwch, and I intend to never let him grow out of it!

Sending humongous cyber cwches



  1. A lot of my in-laws are welsh and they talk about cwches all the time - never knew you spelt it like this! I have a daughter who only likes cuddles on her terms - it really is tough. Hope your little man got better quickly, poor little soul :( Thanks for linking up :)

    1. It's the weird way us welsh spell things! I actually posted this because he has had another sicky weekend, so although this is an old one, it felt quite relative x


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