Friday, July 06, 2012

I'm tired!!!

Really, I am shattered this week, I'm even writing this blog on my phone, as the PC requires me to be upright!!

My youngest has kicked up a stink this week about going to school, everyday its been a fight. Once this week the teachers even had to chase him around the yard!!
I know it doesn't sound that bad, but its EVERY day!!
Its worse today as its changeover day, where the children go to the class they'll be in next September. He is having an enhanced transition, but change is not something he handles well. Even leaving the house is traumatic.

As I write this, my 14 year old is still sleeping. It just seemed too cruel to wake him up for school at 8.30am when his brother had him awake until early hours. The little one adores his big brother and last night no-one else would do.

I, however, still had to rise. My middle boy was up and raring to go, if everything is OK in his world then every is OK!

I celebrated 20 years of married bliss on Wednesday! Awww. We made all the children stay in for school dinners so we could be alone. We then pulled our quilt downstairs, ate beans on toast and had a cuddle ;-)......bliss.

On top of ordinary day to day 'stuff', and as mentioned in a previous blog, I am trying to organise a party for said anniversary. It very nearly all went wrong!! Payday, money went in.......and then all got taken back out by a forgotten bill!!!! Aaaagghh!! Luckily my wonderful mum came to the rescue. I plan to spend the rest of today an early tomorrow cooking, then hopefully enjoy my eve!!

Have a good weekend all!


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