Sunday, July 01, 2012

Best Ever Party Planner!!........Not!!

Next week I am having a bit of a party, it will be just a couple of days after my 20th wedding anniversary, which in this day and age is something worth celebrating!

The problem I have is that I'm not a very good party planner!! Eek!!

I bumped into a good friend, that is coming to the party, today whilst shopping for party food.
This mum DOES go to Iceland.......
She was asking all sorts of questions about the 'event'. The kind of questions I should of had answers to. 'what color theme is it', 'how many balloons do you have' and the worst one....'have you got plates and things ready'.....Oh dear lord I really am bad at this!!

The only partys I've done in the past have been for my children. My eldest always had swimming parties, I never even used to cater those!!! I would get in contact with my local kebab/pizza shop and have a load of pizzas, garlic bread and chips delivered, no cleaning up and the kids thought it was great. Now even though my son had a disco for his last party, I still got in touch with them and they delivered again..............see I really am that bad!!

My youngest 2 have not asked for big parties yet, so its usually just a little tea party in the house, thats easy to do.

So to my party this week, well thankfully the friend I bumped into has said she will decorate the room for me, her gift to me....phew!! As for the food, I can just pray I have enough, but sods law dictates that I will finally do enough, and no-one will turn up!!

I do love a good party though, so I know the dj is a good one, and my dress is sorted! Priorities see!!


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