Monday, July 09, 2012

anniversary celebrations!!

So this weekend me and my hubby threw a party to celebrate 20years of wedded bliss!!..............yes really!!

Any party that we go to takes quite a bit of planning, my youngest does not like the noise and excitement of a big party, and my middle child can only cope for so long. We had it all in hand though, 2 fully charged Ipads and my hubby's Iphone. The Ipads have been generously donated to our family by friends and family, and I would recommend any family with autistic children look into getting one. 

Any way, we got there early, and set our youngest up with his headphones and an Ipad, with his daddy's phone on standby, in case he wanted youtube! Chip and Dale cartoons are a godsend! We then finished decorating just in time for the first lot of guest to arrive.

As guests dribbled in through the evening my youngest got further under the table, but was very content. My middle child spotted the uncle, that up until now he has said he 'hated', and promptly went off to converse with him. This led to a slight panic on my part! My middle boy doesn't really have boundaries.............and would tell my brother to his face that he hated him!! luckily the conversation seemed quite calm and kept the little one happy for quite a while, especially when his nan and other uncle turned up.

Family came from all over the place to celebrate with us, it really was a wonderful eve. My husbands family travelled from Westbury, my brothers travelled from Birmingham and Southampton.  I felt blessed that people came all these miles to celebrate 20yrs of marriage with us.  I was a little disappointed that none of my fathers family came, all local, especially when they had said they were coming.............Who am I kidding, I was fuming that they didn't make the effort!!

However, I have always been quite close to my hubby's family, and they packed the room!!

The evening ended with both my youngest children finding their own spaces with an Ipad each and shutting out the world, it was wonderful that we were able to stay all night for the party so I didn't mind, they coped in their own ways. My eldest was happy as he didn't have to leave early to babysit!!

So I'm ending this blog with a little photo history of the last 20yrs, just 3 pics, the highlights so to speak.

Our wedding day 1992

renewing our wedding vows, 2002, pregnant on my 2nd child

February this year, 2012, with our youngest

Lots of love

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