Monday, July 02, 2012

5 years ago, BritMums blog prompt

So the BritMums blog prompt is 5 years ago. Oh I remember 5 years ago VERY well.

Bare with me for this one, I have to give you a bit of background.
You see I had quite a lot of trouble conceiving my 1st child, I started trying for him when I was 18, I know that seems quite young, but I had met my hubby at 16, we were engaged to be married and living together by then.
We didn't realise for the first 2 years that we may have problems getting pregnant. We were just like any young couple, we got married, moved into our first home, normal stuff.
It was just a routine doctors appointment when he asked me how long it had been since I'd used contraception, by then it was 2.5yrs. Obviously this caused concern for the doctor, who asked if we were trying for a child, so he decided further tests were needed.

This led to 4years...........yes 4years of tests and appointments, realising that I was miscarrying regularly, a truely horrific time for me and my hubby. I would go into further detail, but it was a tough time and I'm still not ready.

By the time I was 24 I had come to a decision that life was too short, I couldn't just sit around waiting for a baby. I went back to college part time, lost some weight and started work at tesco, also part time. Then the bombshell! About a month after starting work, I'd realised my period was late, yet again. I was dreading going through it again, my best friend was with me when I did the test. As soon as a positive line showed up, she was on the phone to my hubby and the docs!!

Its difficult to explain unless you've been there, but sometimes you just know its different...........It was.

I had a wonderful, easy, happy pregnancy, seriously, it was fantastic!! The birth wasn't fantastic, it was a very lazy baby, he ended up popping out 10 days late, on boxing day!! I have never been so happy and never thought I could ever match that feeling....Fabulous!!!

Cut to 4ish years later. Back at work, again lost a lot of weight, I guess you see the pattern!! I don't know why we decided to try for another child, we just did! and I caught immediately.....literally!! I came off the pill and that was it! Another amazing pregnancy, another fairly difficult birth, which is no suprise, my little baby boy number 2 was 10lb9oz......born naturally.......OUCH!!!!

So cut to 5yrs ago, again back at work, but not slimmer, I was easily 18st at this point. We'd been given a lovely gift of a holiday from my dad. It was a glorious week!! spent time with the boys, spent time in the sun........Yes is was still around then.
We came home, and went back to our normal lives, I was still working at Tesco my hubby was driving buses. Almost 5yrs ago, to the date in fact, I had a major meltdown in work!! As you may know from my profile I do suffer with depression, and this is what I put the meltdown down to.

This, however was no ordinary meltdown..........this was a mmmaaahoooosive meltdown, that led to me quitiing my job!!! Yep....really!

So 3 days later I'm sat at my table, wondering why my coffee tastes like shit and I don't fancy a cigarette.
When I look up to my calender.......
and something clicked.......

Yip, although I was already a mother of 2, I hadn't recognised the early symptoms of pregnancy!

So 5yrs ago, I was driving around 2hrs before I was due to pick my hubby up, trying to figure out how to tell him we were expecting baby number 3!!!

Its a lovely memory that we reflect on often. My hubby was over the moon! And my beautiful little bouncer came 3 weeks early by emergency c-section, weighing in at 10lb6oz!!

He has truely been a gift, and a learning experience.
Completed my family perfectly.


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