Friday, June 15, 2012

Who needs money!?!

So, do you need money?

I mean I'm still alive, I have food in my cupboards, my children are still happy and why do we feel sooo crappy when we have none at all?

I have sat in the house with my youngest most of the morning, it is absolutely p**sing down outside!! I could take him somewhere I suppose. Now lets see, where is free?? Hmm, the park? Oh yes its raining!! Anywhere else? Swimming? Some sort of play den? Nope they all cost.

Most places are out of town, and the only family I'd feel comfortable taking my youngest to visit live a few miles away. Still I suppose it would be nice to see another human face. Oh but wait! Petrol, Bus fare, Train fare??

Starting to ring any bells yet? My sons social worker stated I'm becoming socially isolated, if she gave me a tenner I'd be out of here!!!

In summary, we do need money, and I don't have any, therefore I am going to continue sulking whilst I'm making my dinosaurs, out of homemade there!!!

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