Monday, June 18, 2012


So this weekend has been a bit all over the place, allow me to explain.....

Saturday was a surprise 21st birthday party for my OH niece, the plan was, we were all to be there by 6.30pm, ready for the birthday girl to arrive at 7pm. This plan sounds simple enough yes?? Not with my family!!

Firstly my middle child had another party to go to that afternoon, I always try to make an attempt to turn up as all my children's birthdays are around Xmas, which means no-one EVER turns up, which is heartbreaking.  So firstly I have to convince my youngest child to leave the house, quite a challenge to start with. So, I have to take OH back to work after lunch, so that I can have the car for the afternoon.  I always have birthday cards around the house, having 3 kids this is essential!! So we have middle child ready to party, Eldest going with him to keep a watchful eye, little one actually agreeing to go out, hubby on way back to work...........OK.

At this point I've realised I have to get to my dads! Its fathers day Sunday. No problem, middle child and eldest stay at party alone, I'll take little one with me and go see dad.............except little one is now sat in the car saying 'no granky, go home' in the back of the car like a broken record!

We go for a little drive around while talking to him about all the things at grankys that could be fun. It worked! phew, well that and the fact that I'd remembered our rather battered ipad and his hidey blanket.

After 2 hours, and a couple of phone calls off eldest saying the party was finished and they were on their way home, we left, a lot easier as we were now going home.  Now I have to get 3 children washed, dressed and out of the door to pick my OH up from work..........Oh did I forget to mention he finished at 6.20pm!!! aaaaggghhhhh

Got the eldest 2 sorted, gave up trying to bathe youngest, he wasn't having any of it. Get to hubby's work, with party clothes so he can change, leave his workplace, get to party, hide the car, indoors by 6.40!!............I rushed that just to give you a sense of how manic I felt! phew.

Tomorrow I will blog about how the party went..........I need to take a breather


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