Tuesday, June 19, 2012

randomness pt.2

So back to my weekend and the party Saturday night!

Well, after all our rushing around to get to the party, the birthday girl didn't turn up until approx 7.30pm! The DJ was playing some tunes quite pleasantly for us in the background so it wasn't too bad..........except for my youngest.  Now as some of you might know some autistic children have issues with crowds of people and loud noises, our youngest doesn't seem too bothered by a lot of people but loud noises do bother him.

We're now feeling like crap parents, because in the rush it hadn't occured to us this might happen! We were fortunate that hubby had his headphones in the car, so as soon as birthday girl arrived he went to the car and got them. Sooo thats the little one sorted, daddy's iphone and a set of headphones, tucked up in a corner of his own.

At this point the biggest shock of the night happened, you see it was karaoke, as much as I love it, I have to have a few voddies in me before I get up. Apparantely not my middle boy!! before I realised what was going on he was up blasting out 'don't wanna go home'!! And this 9year old boy was not having any of this mumbling crap........he was belting it out, in tune and everything!! I think just about everyone stopped what they were doing to watch, I've never felt so proud!

After he'd finished his song, to quite a loud cheer, he asked me to get up and sing the next one with him.  Not wanting to be put to shame, I ordered hubby to the bar to get me a couple of voddies and off we went singing a little bit of Ollie Murs and Rizzle Kicks.........yes, really.  The rest of the night was basically me, Ross and the DJ's singing all night. Little one stopped enjoying it when the iphone battery died, so he went up my mums for an hour. The teenager just did what teenagers usually do.....not much!! haha

It ended up being an awesome night full of fun, singing.........and a little bit of alcohol on my part. So much so that we all woke up too late the next day for the hubbys works trip! We decided it was for the best though as the night before had been a little hard on my youngest and he was a bit unsettled Sunday.

So sunday ended up being a lovely, lazy fathers day. We spoilt him, showed him plenty of affection and I cooked him a nice roast dinner.

Thankfully not every weekend is like this, but I am having a party next month, and there is karaoke!!


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