Wednesday, June 27, 2012

those lovely quiet evenings

I'm having a blissfully peaceful day today!! Yes really, they are very rare, but everybody seems quite happy.

My eldest boy and I have struck up a deal that I will pay him £2 a day for walking the dog for at least half an hour after school. He does love his money, so for a tenner a week he's jumping at the chance! What he doesn't realise it that I have managed to sneak half an hour of exercise into his day! Ha I rule!!

My middle boy has been on a school trip to a botanical garden. Apparently this is all to do with the current topic in school, I'm not being ignorant about my sons education, but getting my son to open up about his day is like pulling teeth! I do know he had a good day and came home with a notebook and pencil from the gift shop.....he ALWAYS comes home with a notebook and pen/pencil from a gift shop!

Now my youngest.......ah well I'm learning every day with him. Today I learnt not to say he had to go to school. Instead, I first told him we'd get him dressed so he didn't get 'cold', this he excepted with no problem, as I quite often dress him when its a bit chilly. I've realised that last sentence sounded odd! But he really doesn't like being dressed so normally just runs around in his pull up.  Anyway.....I then told him that we had to go to the shop for milk (pretty much his only drink) and go up the school to tell Mrs. Carter (his nursery teacher) that he wasn't going to school. Again this was excepted without any arguments or meltdowns!!  So off we travel, being various Ben 10 characters as we go up the road past the shops without argument, then into school where his teacher took over and got him in!!!

Whoop!! cue an hour of alone time with the hubby.........oh nope, can't do that, eldest comes up the path with 3 friends(!!!) for his lunch *sigh*.

It has been a very good day though, with three happy boys, now about the house doing their own things ooo oo oo and get this, they are doing it QUIETLY!!

Have a good eve all


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