Friday, June 29, 2012

complete meltdown

I always know when we decide to do some decorating/moving around of the house there will be a meltdown with one of my children, the problem is never knowing when its coming.

I've had the paint sitting around for a week, my hubby insisted we do it together when he had a few days off.
So today we decide to start on the bedroom that my 2 youngest share.
With their problems they both tend to get over stimulated, so the plan was to make the room fairly plain, but still a little boys room. We went with a nice light blue for all the walls, old fashioned I know but I am a bit of a traditionalist.
My middle boy was in school, the youngest is only in half day. So we decided to start while he was there so the change wasn't too surprising. He coped incredibly well when the room was started, even sitting on the bottom bunk whilst my hubby painted, telling him it was beautiful!

So I made the assumption that he was going to be ok with this...............bad idea!!

He made it to school ok, I had gone to IKEA, alone!!! My hubby had got him to school, easy peasy.

I got home just in time to pick him up, so I left hubby putting together the drawers I had bought and toddled off to get him, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. We sometimes have the odd problem getting him out of school, but today he just flat out refused.

Then came the complete meltdown.........

I managed to get him outside the classroom doors, but no further, another teacher carried him, kicking and screaming, a little further. By this time hubby had been sent up the school by my eldest boy, who had caught the start of the meltdown.

Luckily I only live a short distance from the school as my hubby had to carry him screaming all the way home. When we got through the gate he refused to come in to the house. When he gets like this the best thing to do is leave him alone to calm down, how do you do this when its pouring with rain and your child is sat cradling himself in the middle of the overgrown grass of the back garden.............probably the most heartbreaking sight I've ever seen.

We did eventually manage to calm him enough to get him indoors, and he seems a little better with his room now its all back where it should be, also its a little less stimulating.

I'm doing this blog today, firstly to vent some of the angst I'm feeling, secondly to make you think the next time you see a 'naughty' child playing up his/her parent. Its not always so simple.

This blog also doesn't express how hard today was, for both my child and me, I hope you get the idea.



  1. Aww Jo, I feel your pain! My two and a half year old has full on meltdowns too and I can see the looks from other people! I have actually got quite good at just staring into the middle distance. Sounds like you had a really tough day, hope things have settled now and that he is enjoying his new room. Xx

  2. And of course today he's a complete angel!! Thank you, he loves his new room x


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