Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Well, hello there!

Yes, I'm still here! I've been busy, really really busy.

Back to school has been a bit chaotic, it's gone well. For the first time, in many years, Ajax has gone back to school without any problem at all. Such a relief!

Since they've gone back to school, I've been focusing a lot more on what makes ME happy. It's been wonderful.
Each morning I spend 5 minutes putting some make up on and doing my hair, it really is the simplest things that can make you feel good. It's not that I'm going anywhere and I'm not putting much make up on, but it makes me happy.

I've come to other conclusions, while having time to myself:

A: I kind of like being a homebody. I like pottering around, cleaning things up. 
B: I'm finally realising that I'm happy in my own skin.
For health reasons I still need to lose weight, but I'm happy with what I have too.

One thing I've wondered when coming to these conclusions: When do we stop changing? I already feel like a totally different person to the one I was 10 years ago. Back then I would stand up for myself, take no shit. Now, you confront me I'll run away and hide! I used to love to be out partying and craved the attention of others, now I'm happy with my own company and my idea of a night out is the cinema.

Will I feel differently again, when I'm in my 50's? I know a lot of it is to do with parenting children with autism. You'd think it gets easier as they get older, but it just throws up different challenges.

So, do you feel like a different person, as you get older?
Do we ever stop changing, or are we just adapting to our surroundings?

I'd love to hear your views.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

What about MY school anxiety?!

As I write this we have two days until the school year begins. So, we've been preparing, seriously preparing. 

We bought a book at the beginning of summer, so he could log what he's done, because he gets stressed when he can't remember (they usually do some work / ask questions about it, on the first week back). 
We've talked about the return to school for a week or two now. 
We left school clothing shopping until fairly late, so it doesn't stress him out and ruin his summer (plus he grows so quick, I didn't want it to be too small).

Basically we've done everything autism parents can, to lessen the problems he usually has, returning to school.

Now, let's talk about the other problem.


Genuinely, I can't sleep! My stomach is in knots. All I can think about is what could go wrong:

They've changed the teachers around again, only one is staying with the class.
What if they move the class around or, God forbid, they move him to a different class?!
What if the children, at break time, pick on him (this is an ongoing stress, for me, even though he's never had problems).

Believe me when I say, that is just a small selection of the thoughts, swirling around my head, early hours of the morning, when I should be sleeping. 

Nothing can fix this, it is what it is. So why am I writing about it? Because I know I'm not alone.

So I just want you special needs parents to know:

I'm with you, we got this!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Battling the system, as a special needs parent:

I've discussed in the past, on this blog, how my son does need a wheelchair. Partly because of his own disabilities, partly so that we, as a family, can get out and have a life. I've even mentioned, on here, how hard it is to sort said chair.
Well, it continues!

So, obviously, my son has grown. We decided to get in touch with the people who supplied the chair, to ask for his, fully adjustable, wheelchair to be adjusted. 
Simple ask, you'd think!

The First number, that came with the chair, was no longer in use.
Another number was supplied, they told us he would most likely need a new chair, but would need to be referred back by physio, for this to happen.
We called physio, who informed us that, as he hadn't been to physio for over 6 months, he would need to be referred back.
Off to the doctors, who didn't realised he could be referred to a specific physio, told us she would sort it out.

I've already written a post about this, in the past.
Now for the continuing story:

The doctor did figure it out, because we received a letter from the physio. The letter was a peach: because the appointment was just for wheelchair referral, and my sons problems hadn't changed, any health care professional could refer him!?

So, we've back in touch with the doctor, who has now given us a form to fill in (measurements etc), so they can refer us back.

Honestly, there aren't enough swear words to express how I feel about this sucks!


On top of all this, I've been form filling, for my sons statement in school AND for free continence products.

Yes, you read that right, they have finally agreed that he IS entitled to help with this. We've had 3 years of problems, now they finally decide to help?! 

That's more forms to fill in, and hoops to jump through.

Don't you just love our system for help with special needs children!? I don't get anything that I don't beg for, yet somehow people think it's so bloody easy!

The only thing that makes this worthwhile is my son's smile, every morning.