Friday, October 09, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 9

Today has been another day of insuring my PMA was not taken away from me. There have been some serious talks with the teen, they were not easy and I confess to letting Mr. Ojo do most of the talking. 

However, now the talking is done. All that's left is for him to work through this, and hopefully come out the right side. 

Mental Health:

With all of above, I have kept up the positivity. I am not going to let him ANYBODY ruin it for me. The only way to fix the low moments, is to get past them in your own way.

My way today was a mini pamper sesh. I've bought myself some false nails to put on, and dyed my hair again.

General Well Being:

I've been feeling fairly good today. No tiredness, which has resulted in a lot of cleaning. The house AND the shed are gleaming...........well downstairs anyway!


Breakfast: 2 egg omelet, mushrooms, onion and sprinkling of grated lactofree cheese.
Lunch: Grilled turkey, oven chips and fat free gravy.
Dinner: Onion bhaji, curry samosas, lettuce, spring onion, light mayo and half a naan bread. (Bit of a cheat tea, but they used to be a lot worse)
Snacks: packet of baby corn, half a cookie.


Not great, but I didn't sit still! I may still do more, after typing this, just to get to my 10K.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Day 8 (A month of honesty)

I have been determined not to let anything get me down today, to keep yesterdays positive mental attitude. I've fought my feelings all day! 


Breakfast: Bowl of Bran Flakes with Lactofree milk
Lunch: A soya Chocolate cooler and egg sandwich from Costa
Dinner: Homemade lasagna. Made with the leanest mince (less than 5% fat), courgette, onion, mushroom, passata, lactofree cheese and milk. 
Snacks: Turkey breast, half a cookie and a bag of mange tout.


Bit disappointed in myself for missing Zumba again. The lack of inch loss has really knocked me. I am getting past it, and will make a conscious effort to go Sunday, or Monday.

General Well Being:

I had a letter off the doctor today, requesting I make an appointment, to discuss my most recent blood tests. They were testing for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, obviously I'm lacking in one of them! Other than that, I feel ok today.

Mental Health:

We got up and went Christmas shopping, after dropping the boys to school. It was a fun and laughter filled morning with Mr. Ojo. Unfortunately I came home to the doctors letter, which knocked me a bit. Then an accidental voice mail was left on my phone, where my teen 'butt dialled' me, some things are better left unknown. I'm still determined not to let it get to me though! PMA all the way!
Little A coming out of school full of smiles helped, I'll be honest.

Today has felt like swimming against the tide............but I'm not drowning am I?

Reasons to be Cheerful

My life is not going to plan at the moment, with yet another health issue (not sure what yet, have to go to doctor to 'discuss' it). It's not serious, but enough to really p**s me off! 

Add to that, a teen that is seriously pushing the boundaries of my patience. The only word I can use, right now, is disappointment. He has always made me proud, but at the moment he is breaking my heart. If this is a 'phase' I hope it passes quickly!

So, I think you would agree, #r2bc are very much sought at the moment.

Reasons to be Cheerful
1. According to Mr. Ojo, the lasagna I just cooked for tea! Using low fat mince, plenty of vegetables, lactose free cheese and milk. It was stunning (we didn't eat it all, honest).

2. BlogOn Winchester. It is such a well organised event. Full of information, advice, time to learn and time to socialise. Every part of the day was awesome!

3. A night Away. I went to Winchester the day before BlogOn, and spent the night in a Premier Inn. Just me, my laptop with programmes downloaded.........and a chocolate orange! Bliss:

I cannot think of anything that's made me that relaxed in a very long time!

Don't forget, in the grimmest of times, finding reasons to smile is what keeps us going. Share what made you smile this week.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Day 7

So, one week over already! I think you can see, if you look back, I've been very honest. Are there any glaring mistakes you can see, so far? Apart from letting minor things get me down?

Today has been a more positive:

Mental Health:

I decided, today, I would start with a positive mental attitude, so I got up with the alarm and got the children up. Normally Mr. Ojo does that, I come down about 15 minutes later, when the children are eating breakfast, and we're on to the 50 billionth time we've tried to wake the teen. It worked. Even though I've had low moments, where I have over thought stuff, it's been a more positive day.

General Well Being:

Apart from the hormones going a bit crazy, and not knowing when anything is going to happen (The joy of being pre-menopausal), I've felt good. I got a bit tired, again, mid afternoon, but I stayed awake........bonus!


Today was my weekly dress making class, as I didn't have to take my sewing machine, I decided to walk. I think the fresh air, exercise and company, did me the world of good.


Breakfast: Beans on toast
Lunch: Bowl of Bran with Lactofree milk (added the link, in case any of my lactose intolerant friends would like to try it, very nice!)
Dinner: Steak cooked on the George Foreman, oven chips, onions and mushrooms cooked in soy sauce and garlic, peas and garlic bread slices. (I'd like to add, I really fancied a chippy, but am VERY glad I didn't!)
Snacks: Value crisps, 2 choc digestives. 

From the first week, I think you can see that life isn't simple. We have ups and downs, no one is 'normal', there is no normal. I wanted to chart this month, to see if anyone could help me out, see where I'm going so wrong. Or, if I'm not going wrong, is there anything new I could try?

The support I've had in this first week has been amazing, it's come from far and wide. I'm glad I'm charting this month, and if you can see anything of yourself in this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Support is the key to success, in my humble opinion.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Day 6

Yesterday, the wheels fell I crashed! I'm going to do things in reverse today, so I shall start with:

Mental Health:

It's been a bloody rough day. I've had rows with my children, particularly the teen. He's almost 18 and has suddenly gone from angel child to bloody hard work. 
This ended this eve with me trying to talk to him and his, almost, 13 year old brother. I'm not feeling great, I'm hormonal, basically I'm a mess. The talk ended with me getting upset, and a few tears.
Now I feel shitty for making them feel bad, even though they don't give a crap if they make me feel bad!?
Mentally, I'm really struggling to get over the lack of inch loss. I haven't been to Zumba yet, this week, because I feel like such a loser.

General Well Being:

I've felt really tired, and drained, again today. Maybe I should stop pushing myself and accept that the iron might take a while to build up. Obviously there is the hormonal issue too, as I'm pre-menopausal.


Crap, just crap.


Breakfast: egg, beans, mushroom and fried slice.
Lunch: Lactofree cheese, mayo and cucumber sandwich (x3)
Dinner: Baked potato, egg, mayo, broad beans and sweetcorn
Snacks: Value packet of crisps, mint penguin, 2 choc digestive.

So there, that's today. Sorry it's not more positive, it will get there, I'm just having a rough couple of days! Tomorrow could be all sunshine and roses, that is how my world works.

Is anyone else looking at this and wondering how they could change things up for the better? Let me know, I love to talk.