Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's all getting a bit much!

We're not supposed to whinge, and complain, are we. Everything is supposed to be rosy in social media!

Well do you know what?

I don't care!!!

It's all getting a bit much in Ojo's little world, my world. I am bloody stressed, mentally frazzled. It's not even that anything is going wrong, as such, just everything is happening.

As you know, if you read this, I have 3 sons, 2 of which are on the autistic spectrum. 1 high functioning (who seems to be getting easier, as he's getting older), the other with related difficulties. 
We did not, however, expect those related difficulties to include physical issues. Suddenly we are back in the system, with various appointments with physios, podiatrists and a musculoskeletal expert!? I mean, what the hell? That's my baby, he's perfect to me! However, I can see the problem, his knees, ankles and hips are twisted. So now it's back down another long road for my beautiful boy. 

Then there's my eldest boy. He has always been an anxious boy, this has gotten worse as he got older. However, that we dealt with, he got support, from the Dr and us, thankfully. The other thing we've always known is that biggest boy was very bendy. A few years ago a physio told him he had hyper mobility, we didn't think much of it at the time.

Until he fell over, a couple of weeks ago.

A simple fall, mucking about with his friends, has led to several hospital appointments, that are ongoing. Along with a strong recommendation for his HM to be properly diagnosed. Apparently, it can take longer for him to heal! I'm scared to google it, to find the full info, I'd rather wait for the Dr to talk me through it.

Oh........Let's not forget Mr. Ojo.

How could we? He's now permanently on crutches, with his knees gradually failing, along with something wrong with his spine that I can't spell, that basically means his lower back is crumbling. Just after Christmas he had a fall, in the bath, and caught his shoulder. It ached for a while, but it was several months before we got to the Dr, she was pretty useless. We waited a while longer, the pain was still there, so we went back and saw a different Dr.

She has now said she thinks he has an impeachment. From what I understand, it means his muscles are pinched(?), and will require physio?!


So I'm flipping knackered, I'm worrying about them all so much, I barely sleep. I never get time to blog, because when I do get 5, I spend it in the gym, the one place I feel I can totally switch off.

So, if I seem quiet..........well, understandable really, isn't it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Will we ever stop judging?!

I'm growing tired of one aspect of social media: The Parent Blame game.

Everywhere I turn there is another argument brewing, about how one groups parenting style conflicts with another. Breast feeding seems to cause the biggest stir! I fall into the 'non' side of the argument, surely feeding your baby is the most important, however you do it?

Just last night a fellow blogger friend had her account suspended on Facebook, simply for having a discussion about breast feeding. I've seen the discussion which, to me, seemed more of a blameless debate, not a hate filled rant!

It doesn't stop there though. People are constantly 'body shaming' others. We can't all be skinny models (who also get told to 'slim down' by the way), we can't all lose our baby fat, or excess weight we carry. There are also many that cannot gain weight, this is not a fault either. Mostly, we can't all be the same and life would be very boring if we did! Some people like curves, some don't, there is a match for everybody's taste out there, it's not up to us to judge. 

The older generation like to point fingers at the younger generation, for their love of technology. Does no one see the hypocrisy here?? It's your generation that started the invention of this technology!? Also, have you seen how many 'no ball games' signs there are? Have you seen our parks disappearing?

We get told off for keeping our children in, then told off for letting them run 'wild'. 

When did we all become so bloody perfect??

I like to cook fresh food, however, I cook different meals for my children. This would be deemed as a fail in some circles. I eat home cooked food, at a different time to my boys, yet I am overweight.........none of my children are! 
I am active, my boys activities vary, yet I am overweight

I didn't breast feed my boys, I had no milk on my eldest, with my middle boy my milk came in too late, he was already on the bottle. My youngest I did attempt it with, but after one week of sobbing in pain, with bleeding nipples, I had to give up. Apart from the Autism, my children are healthy. 
Does any of the above make me a failure? NO

It makes me human.

We cannot all be successful at everything.

Let's stop judging and try supporting!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What has 4 years taught me?

I almost missed it! The 14th of June 2012, I wrote my 1st ever post, introducing myself. It's been edited several times, but it's still there if you want to see it: All about me

What has 4 years of blogging given me? If you're a fellow blogger you may be surprised to know: not a great deal of financial gain! What it HAS given me, for many years now, is peace of mind.

I'm an avid blog reader, as well as writer. Simply because, and I've said this many times, I'm nosey. I love looking into peoples lives, it's why you'll find me across all social media (if you ever want to find me, I'm ojosworld on everything!). I love SnapChat, Stumbleupon, facebook, twitter, Instagram etc etc.

I've had some wonderful blog conference experiences, where I've met fellow bloggers. I've learnt how to use my laptop to edit photos, create content and learn more about the world. It's broadened my knowledge, most of all.

I've realised I don't have a label for my blog. I don't write about special needs all the time, so I'm not a SEND blogger, as such. My children are growing up, so I'm losing the mummy blogger tag. I do record a lot of my weight loss journey and struggles, but not really enough to class as a health blogger.

So what am I? 


That's the only label, if I wanted one, that fits. I don't review, I don't want to. I'm opinionated, but tend not to vocalise it on here, I cannot be bothered with the backlash and trolls. 

So what has 4 years taught me? That I'm OK as I am.

And I'm happy!