Monday, February 27, 2017

Meal Planning Monday

Last weeks meal plan, which you can see by clicking here, went really well. Only one meal was missed, that was the lasagna, honestly I couldn't be bothered!
Instead we had some chicken breasts with vegetables and boiled potatoes. The other meal that was a bit of a fail, was the chicken tikka, I made it so hot we couldn't finish it!

It all worked as meant to though, as I lost 5lb in my first week at slimming world, chuffed!

So here is this weeks meal plan:


Spaghetti Bolognese (using the mince that was meant for lasagna, last week).


Pizza, not sure whether it will be a cauliflower/mash/chicken fillet base yet!


Mid week roast


Chicken curry (may attempt the tikka again) 


Burgers and fries (slimming world ones for me)


Kebabs (from the slimming world magazine, they were a huge success last week)


Sunday roast (I don't know what meat yet, see what we get)


Lets hope the success continues! I'm loving the vegetable gravy, on my roast dinners, shockingly so is everyone else. It's simply vegetables of your choice, I use cauliflower and broccoli, with a single potato dropped in. Boil to soft, then drain, saving the cooking water. Blend til smooth, add the water back in until it's a gravy consistency. Add stock cubes/pots to flavour. It's absolutely stunning AND so simple! We won't be doing anything else again.

So keep your fingers crossed for another loss for me, this week, my first half stone would be awesome (which is 7lb for my non UK readers).

What are you planning this week? Click the picture below, to see more meal plans that may offer some ispiration:

Hijacked By Twins

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Looking forward

I've had quite a positive start to 2017, it's got me thinking about the things I want to achieve, moving forward.

I'm not an extravagant person, I don't spend a lot on clothing and accessories, I'm more frugal than frivolous. I don't particularly spend a lot on my house, with 3 growing boys, and an ageing dog, nothing stays looking good anyway!

In all honesty, if the money is available, my biggest wish this year is a new kitchen floor! Again, I'm not thinking tiles etc, just a nice bit of vinyl that will brighten the room and not show the mess so much! 

What do I want for me though?

Me and the hubby tend not to buy each other Christmas gifts, but I always make him a cake. This year he surprised me by buying me a gift AND he kept it a surprise!

He actually got me a session in a studio, to sing a song of my choice:
Me, in a studio, with my middle boy listening to my song in the background!
It was probably one of the best, most nerve wracking, experiences of my life! So, this year, I think I'd like to do it again and possibly buy an experience for my son to do it too.

I'd also like to say 'this is the year I will lose weight'. One of the reasons I posted that full picture above was to show the 'before' me. Another reason I've put the full picture is to show myself I've come so far already. In all honesty, the picture shocked me, I thought I was so much bigger than it shows!

A big thing is happening this year too, I will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary!? We've already started planning, booked a hotel (only a Travelodge, I did say I was frugal!), we've also booked Theatre tickets for the actual day of our anniversary. I want to make this trip one to remember as we get old(er) and grey(er) together. 

I'm determined this year will continue in this positive thread, I have some friends fighting real health battles, at the moment, I want to stay positive for them.

So this year can bring it on, I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Meal Plan Monday

Yes, I am back sharing my meal plan with you, whether you actually care what I'm eating is up to you!

There is a reason behind this, that I wasn't going to share, but that felt pointless. I've joined slimming world. I've been listening to my slimpods for around 2 years, and have already lost some weight. However, now my head is in the right place, I need to get my food there too.

I joined last Friday, so this is my first week. Obviously this means I'm throwing myself into it wholeheartedly, and I love to cook anyway. So there are a few recipes that will come from Slimming World's website or magazines, and some that I've adapted from food I already cook, adding extra veg.

The current issue that some recipes are from

Here's this weeks plan:

 Salmon with breadcrumbs, various vegetables and a baked potato.

Chicken Tikka and rice, from the latest issue of Slimming World magazine

Cottage Pie, made with extra lean mince and a sweet potato mash & plenty of boiled veg

Chicken and vegetable stir fry

Friday (weigh day):

Kebab and salad (again from the slimming world mag)

Sausage, mash, veg & vegetable gravy

It's unusual for us to miss a roast dinner, on a Sunday, but Mr. Ojo is off to see the rugby, so I'm cooking just for me. I'll be using SW sausages, from Iceland.

There is a linky that goes with this, run by Hijacked by twins. She shares some wonderful recipes, on her blog, so if you want to be inspired, click on her badge:

Hijacked By Twins

What's on your plan this week? Do you use one?
I find it a great money saver, as I can shop to a list.