Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Easy Peasy Cheesecake

I thought I would share my, very, easy 'no bake' cheesecake with you. I know that this is odd, joining in with a Great Blogger Bake Off, with a dessert that doesn't need to be baked! But I did check and it's ok.

This really is tasty, and really is the simplest dessert you will put together. I put, in brackets after each item, what product  I used.

No Bake Cheesecake

Monday, September 01, 2014

Touch Screen Cleaner

 I was recently sent the touch screen cleaner, by Cyber Clean, to review. 

I know, big wow, a bit of spray and a cloth and that's all you need. 
Yes it leaves it a bit streaky, but that's ok, right? 
No, actually, that's not alright! 

What if you could clean it, then keep it clean?

This one can:

It's a genius little design, really. The stylus contains the spray, and the wiper. I'm not normally one for a stylus, I find them far too flimsy. I like this one though, it's a bit bigger, because of the cleaning fluid, but not heavier. It's much easier to handle, because of this. Plus it comes with a clip, to attach it to your phone, or tablet, case. They really have thought of everything.

If you want proof of its cleaning power, I took a photo, mid clean, of my little ones IPad:
Sprayed ready for cleaning.
Bit of a Difference!!

How's that for proof!

When you have a teens and tweens in the house, and autism, phones and tablets become a way of life. Keeping them clean is not easy! 

Also did you know that on tests of certain tablets/keyboards, there was more bacteria found, than on some toilet seats! 
That's a worrying fact.

 With this 3 in 1 system, the boys are loving it so much, they're actually keeping their own stuff clean!

I think my only complaint is.......I only had one! I have to keep hunting mine down, from one of their bedrooms.

It comes with 3 extra tubes of cleaning fluid, that are really easy to swap around.

At £10.95 I, personally, think it's a bargain. You're not going to run out in a hurry. 
Give it a try, I would highly recommend it.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Sunday Photo

I'm Striking Out

The lovely Kate, from Kate on Thin Ice, has started an initiative. She is trying to get us mums, that have fallen into a bit of a rut, to strike out for ourselves. 

It's also about showing support for other mothers, across social networks. We can learn from one another just how capable we are, what we are able to achieve.

This week, to start us off, she had set a small challenge. Something to get us started. It's a blog post about what we want to achieve.

The timing is perfect for me, with the children going back to school. 

So what do I want to achieve? What can I do, to get myself out of this rut, I've allowed myself to fall into. In all honesty, the list is long!

I want to tidy up my sewing table/desk. It's got very cluttered over the school holidays, it's not inspiring me.

I am going to push myself to continue my walking, and try to keep upping those steps!

I am going to cook healthier meals, if the boys won't eat it then I'll improvise, but they can try. I have already put this in place, with next week's meal plan.

I'm going be more aware of my capabilities. Kate reached out and asked me to design the Striking Mums badge, which I did (hope you like it). People are making money doing this kind of thing, maybe it's time to look into what I'm worth.

Time to recognise that I am my own person. I've always felt a little unworthy, next to my brothers. Not that they have made me felt this way, it's just they are in very respectable careers and I've never felt up to their standard. Maybe it's time to recognise that I am creative, that's my talent.

So what do you want to achieve? Whether you blog or not, share with us. You never know, maybe supporting each another will work.

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me, so much so, I almost forgot to do this!?

Even though it's been a tough summer (which I wrote about yesterday), I'm still finding reasons to smile each day.

So here are:
Ojos World

1. The sitting room makeover is coming along nicely:

2. Getting to go to a blogging event in Lush, Cardiff. I love their products anyway, so to spend an evening being shown a new and improved range was bliss! (A post to come about this): 

3. The support of my husband. I had a bit of a wobble, feeling unwell and unworthy (ok, it may have bee a little hormonal). As always he cuddled, cajoled, then pushed when it was the right time. Honestly, don't know how he puts up with me some days!?

So that's my reasons this week, what are yours? I always have a read, you all make me smile.

If you get to this and the linky is not up and running, I apologise, will get to it as soon as I can get near the laptop!
(Also, I've been redesigning again, what do you think?)